100 % Pre Build Guarantee

Be assured of a pre-built guarantee on your rental trade show booth for your next convention from Exponents, the renowned name in the trade show industry in the United States.

To achieve the same, our hard-working project management team scrutinizes your prospect trade show booth rental at every level and follow a 3-pronged phase strategy of design collection, pre-built guarantee and trade show booth rental installation.

Design Collection

All your anticipations with regard to choosing the precise trade show booth rental come to a closure as our dedicated team understands all the necessary aspects of your brand requirements in synchronization with augmenting your brand value proposition, budget allocations, and other value additions to enable you to make the best choice for your trade show booth rental and get maximum trade gains.

Stroll through our tailored trade show booth design varieties of modular, semi-customizable and fully customized ones, and choose your pick as per your brand requirements.

Once you finalize your design, our team aggressively starts to materialize your trade show booth rental by using the finest technological methods.

Logic Monitor

Pre-Built Guarantee

We, at Exponents, put the quality of your trade show booth rental to the supreme level. Our expert team deploys indigenous manufacturing technology to build the various components of your rental booth that are extremely lightweight and durable.

While undertaking the engineering of your trade show booth rentals, we utilize only the best quality materials. We strive to provide your trade show booth rental maximum definition by applying our well-laid printing capabilities.

To make things smoother and avoid any last-minute hassle, we provide the facility of showcasing your assembled trade show booth rental at the event site prior to the onset of your show.

Installation of your Booth

Do not get concerned over the hassles related to assembling and installation of your trade show booth rental for we have our ace staff to execute the same.

We endeavor to surpass all the challenges related to the defined timeframe and rushed inspection while undertaking the responsibility to install your trade show booth rental from the base.

Focus only on making your trade show participation experience a successful one after we finish off with the process of installing your trade show booth in a perfect manner.



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