Stand Out at Your Next Trade Show: Rent a Custom 10×20 Booth from Exponents

At Exponents, your 10×20 trade show booth rental will be uniquely designed to meet your brand and budget requirements.

Do you have an upcoming trade show or industry event you’d like to participate in? Whether you’re a new (yet prudent) exhibitor or an industry veteran looking to rejuvenate your marketing tactics, you’ve come to the right place. We work with ROI-driven companies on their trade show investments, marketing tactics, and display design to create successful expo experiences.

If you’re reading this, the chances are high that your brand is looking into getting a 10×20 exhibit rental for an upcoming event. As one of the more popular booth rental sizes, you can choose from plenty of options. Of course, we understand that you need a highly functional 10×20 trade show booth design, but we would prefer to do so without burning a gaping hole in your wallet.

You may be wondering if that’s even possible—yes, of course, it is!

Exponents has over 40 years of experience constructing show-stopping 10×20 booth rentals designed to uplift your brand. We understand the power of well-designed 10×20 trade show displays, and our passion lies in translating your unique story and mission into a custom masterpiece.

We take our clients’ briefs and requirements seriously and develop unique 10×20 trade show booth design ideas. You are involved in every step, even if you are in some other part of the country or in some other country.  Every decision we make is approved by you and your team, and before the day of the actual show, you can make sure your 10×20 exhibit rental is functioning the way you envisioned.

Wondering how?

Your trade show displays are completely manufactured in-house at our San Diego, Orlando, Las Vegas or Dallas manufacturing facility. These manufacturing units are well-equipped with best-in-class machinery. After finalizing the 3D design of your booth, we start with the 10×20 trade show booth construction. Once completed, we conduct a dry run to confirm that your display is glitch-free. We share the same with you via photos and videos. We also have our in-house graphics printing setup. This ensures we keep firm quality control of the trade show booth exhibits that we build.

We hear you; it’s time to make your custom 10×20 trade show exhibit rental rock!

Telling your company’s unique story is an exciting and intimidating task. Your custom 10×20 trade show display rentals must be functional, compelling, attractive, and on-brand. With four decades of industry experience, our 10×20 trade show booth ideas have delivered exceptional results for our clients.

Are you curious to learn more about what we do? We want to hear from you! Give us a call, and expect a call within 24 hours. On the phone, we can chat about your upcoming show, your brief, and who your company is. From there, our 10×20 trade show booth design experts work alongside your creative or marketing team to select the best rental solution for you. We assist you, take the wheel for the trickier jobs, and always keep you in the loop. Our emphasis is always on teamwork, quality, and innovation. We work to create a 10×20 booth rental that leaves a lasting impression on everybody who visits your booth.

Are you ready for the trade show that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors? Get in touch with our expert 10×20 trade show booth manufacturers today! We can’t wait to see what ideas you and your team have in mind.

How do we make 10×20 trade show booth rentals best in class?

Are you ready to make some important—and exciting—decisions?

Listed above is our selection of 10×20 trade show display rentals. Being well-known in 10×20 trade show booth construction, we offer an extensive range of catalog designs and a multitude of customizable add-ons, which your team can cherry-pick to help build the unique flavor of your branding.

This can include specialized LCDs, thematic and immersive mood lighting, or branded graphics. You can find all these services and anything else you may need for your upcoming show.

Our team offers everything: booth construction, delivery/assembly/dismantling, project management, on-site supervision, and a litany of design expertise.

We know that attending a trade show can be quite a hefty investment and that every business has a unique budget. For this, we always ensure that our rentals and solutions are tailored to fit your specific financial needs while always including the highest-class tech and design in your display.



Four ways to decorate your 10×20 custom trade show booth rental

Often, exhibitors consider small booths a cost-saving solution, allowing them to exhibit in more shows or stretch their marketing budget further. Limited space is bound to open new challenges, especially when designing your 10×20 booth rental. The booth has enough space to host demo sessions, enabling visitors to walk in and experience the booth. You can also have a meeting space to network. With some room for product display, you can add shelves to increase the visibility of your products. So, if you’re working on a 10×20 exhibit rental, you’ll need to make the best use of your space for the most significant impact.

  1. Choose a 10×20 trade show booth design that transforms your space into a work of art using color, quality resources, and unique branding to attract attendees’ attention and make a lasting impression that beats the competition.
  2. Booth space planning is vital for 200 sq-foot trade show booths. It helps you come up with a 10×20 trade show booth design idea that attendees actually visit instead of just looking at from far away. For that, you need to have different structural and spatial requirements.
  3. Lighting is one effective tool that can help make your 10×20 trade show booth an eye-catcher at the event and set the right mood. It can also enrich your brand’s aesthetic and message.
  4. To differentiate you from competitors, You can modify the structure with a unique back wall in an unusual shape or height.

At Exponents, we can help you decide what makes the most significant impact and ensure that your brand message reaches your audience. We have some essential tips to help you build remarkable 10×20 convention booth rentals.

10×20 trade show booth design ideas to maximize your presence

It is essential to understand that your space is more than just a canvas to display products and pamphlets. To stand out in an exhibit hall and attract visitors’ attention, you must create an experience within your trade show space.

As you know, there are no limitations in making an impact, even with a small booth. Design a bright, open, and attractive booth that entices the attendees into a wisely curated world within the larger trade show hall. Create an immersive experience by thinking beyond the traditional booth. Look for a layout that invites people in and encourages conversations that make them stay a little longer. Below are tips that might help you get the most out of your 10×20 trade show booth rental.


  1. Look for a corner booth. Corner booths are most sought-after because they are accessible. They enable attendees to view your booth from both sides.
  2. Ensure you keep the front space of your booth open, as it creates a pleasing appearance and helps make your 10×20 trade show booth design look bigger.
  3. Keep your booth clutter-free. This creates a professional impression and encourages attendees to move freely inside the booth.
  4. Choose your furniture wisely, as you have 200 square feet of space, and using bulky chairs or too much furniture would affect the design.
  5. If you have material to store, you could have a small 3’X3’ room. However, the best way to utilize the space is to use storage cabinets against the back wall.
  6. Try to have digital material to share with the visitors as much as possible; that saves your space otherwise occupied by printed brochures.
  7. Ensure you don’t overstaff the booth but have enough to meet and greet the visitors.


The primary goal of any exhibitor is to keep their attendees engaged, and our 20ft trade show booths help bring the personal touch into the experience. To help you make the most of your booth design, we have jotted down the top 10 creative 10×20 trade show booth designs. To check it out, CLICK HERE.

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