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Trade Show Rental Booth Design Ideas

Are you looking for the best trade show booth rental ideas for your next event? Does your marketing team have questions about the design, build, and delivery of the best exhibit booth rentals? We at Exponents answer all your questions with time-tested and proven competencies of trade show exhibits rental services.

With more than 30 years of experience in collaborating with more than 18000 brands across more than 50 locations in the United States of America, we are one of the leading trade show booth designers and builders.

We offer turnkey trade show rental booth services to brands participating in trade shows at all major trade show centers in the country and resolve all your challenges for a seamless trade show participation experience.

At Exponents, we offer dedicated services of design, build, and installation of your exhibit booth rentals. We offer you more than 800 modular trade show booth rental designs for your marketing team to choose from.

Our team of ace designers engages with your marketing team to walk you through each of these trade show booth designs and explain to you the functionality and performance of each of these.

We build your trade show rental booth at our workshop using our indigenous booth manufacturing technology and the finest quality materials and fabrics. The expertise and experience of our skilled trade show booth fabricators allow your marketing team to get access to a high-quality booth rental based on your chosen trade show booth design.

We stage your trade show booth rentals before your marketing team for full-proof quality assurance. We send our concierge team to the trade show site to offer you complete on-ground support for the installation, supervision, and dismantling of your trade show booth rentals.

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Across all stages of your trade show participation project, we collaborate with your marketing team to offer the most productive ideas for rent. Our intuitive insights and ideas for booth rental spans across the following touch points:
  • Ideas for Booth Size

    What is the best booth size to go with? Should you opt for a 10 X 30 or 20 X 40? We offer you insights and ideas to enable you to choose the most appropriate booth size.

  • Brand Centric Designs

    Do you choose a modular trade show booth design or a custom trade show booth? We help your marketing team to make guided choices for the best exhibit booth rental designs.

  • Ideas for Brand Graphic and Content

    We offer you the most unassuming and unique ideas for brand graphics and content so that your brand is visible to visitors on the floor of the trade show.

  • Ideas for Cost Cutting

    At Exponents, we offer you fixed price designs and further innovative means to regulate costs and complete your project within your budget.

  • Ideas for Display Marketing

    Are you stuck with your display marketing plans? We offer ideas for the best display marketing practices to ensure full use of the allotted space and maximum brand visibility and exposure.

  • Ideas for On-Site Support

    Do you need on-site support for booth installation, supervision and dismantling. Explore options to hire our staff team from Exponents.


Bring your next trade show project to life with value-based trade show booth rentals from Exponents. Get access to the best trade show booth ideas to enable your marketing team to score high on economy, reusability and affordability, stand out trade show booth design, brand graphics and color coding, functionality, features and performance and on-ground support services.

Explore a new world of exciting and unique trade show rental booth ideas to make your brand stand out of the crowd on the floor of the trade show.

Get access to the most amazing and contemporary trade show exhibit booths from our team of ace designers to showcase your product offerings, demonstrate brand value proposition and attract the attention of visitors.

Beat competition on the floor of the trade show with a stand out trade show booth rental design that speaks the language of your brand philosophy.

Convey the brand value proposition with exquisite brand graphics and content printed in bright and lively colors. Educate visitors about your brand offerings and augment brand memory of visitors with unique brand art that showcases your unique selling proposition.


Our team of ace trade show booth designers, offer you more than 500 pre-built trade show rental booth design ideas to expand your brand outreach, showcase your brand potential and create great visitor experiences on the floor of the trade show.

From ideas for space planning, layout designing, interior and exterior designing to ideas for display marketing, color coding of your brand accessories and ideas for brand graphics, we recommend ideas to achieve your goals.

Our consulting team walks you through each of the design ideas that we suggest. Based on your requirements of budget, brand communication and custom trade show booth features and functionalities, our consulting team offers ideas to choose a trade show booth rental that is within your budget, offers the best brand exposure and leverages the advantages of the location of your booth.

We also offer your marketing team the most productive ideas for booth installation, management, and disassembly. Your marketing executives get to hire a team of Exponents staff to set free off resource and time engagements to invest more man hours in visitor engagements, lead generation and on-site sales.


Receive high-quality trade booth rentals that are manufactured at our workshop under the supervision of our managers by skilled booth fabricators. Lean on our indigenous booth manufacturing technology to get assured quality on your trade show booth rentals.

Get best in class quality assurance for your exhibit booth rentals with our two-stage demonstration policy. We stage your exhibit booth rentals, first at our workshop and then again at your place.

Your marketing team steers clear of technical glitches and challenges of functionality and performance and stays on course for a great trade show participation experience.

Receive complete on-ground support for the installation, on-site supervision and dismantling of your trade show booth rentals at the trade show site. Your marketing team sets free of resource and time engagements for non-core functions and gets the complete freedom to engage with visitors, generate leads and convert prospects into on-site sales.



At Exponents, we understand that your trade show booth rental needs the competitive edge to outsmart industry contemporaries on the floor of the trade show. We take cognizance of the fact that your marketing team needs to edge out competing brands that hail from the same product group and thus offer similar product offerings.

To this extent, our consulting and design teams reach out to your marketing team to learn about your brand, trade show project, and budget.

We offer you conference booth ideas to showcase your unique selling proposition on the floor of the trade show with bold and powerful messages that augment the memories of diverse communities of professionals visiting your booth.

We provide you unique insights on the functionalities and performance of each of our trade show booth rental designs to enable you to make a guided choice on the one that best fits with your brand value proposition.

We offer you trade show booth ideas on the exact specifications, color coding, luminous intensity and lighting to bring your brand graphics and content printing to life. Our design team recommends unorthodox and innovative ways to register high gross impressions from visitors, footfalls, and product queries.

Finally, we also offer you the most amazing and fresh insights on trade show display booth marketing and visual merchandising to enable visitors at the trade show to learn about your brand offerings and value proposition in the shortest window of time.


At Exponents, we understand that your trade show participation project calls for an investment of resources, time and budget. To this extent, we make your dollar spending on trade show booth rentals count in every way possible by delivering on all touch points of design, build and delivery of trade show booth rentals.

Our project manager engages with your marketing team to understand your requirements and goals that you wish to accomplish from participating in the trade show. Our project manager is your one-stop access to all resources that you need to fulfil your requirements of exhibit booth rentals.

Based on your inputs, our project manager recommends a roadmap to achieve your goals, suggests trade show booth ideas based on your budget, brand image and a timeline of key milestones and delivery of your exhibit booth rentals.



At Exponents, we are the only trade show booth rental designer and builder in the United States of America to offer fixed price designs of exhibit rentals.

Our fixed and pre-committed pricing of trade show booth rental designs allows your marketing team to make fully informed choices and work with a budget insight.

At Exponents, we place a premium on transparency and allow your marketing team to approach the trade show project with a budget in mind and be in control of your dollar spending. Some of the major benefits of our amazing booth designs are as follows:

  • Cost Control: Stay in control of your budget and regulate your expenses on trade show booth rentals with fixed and pre-committed prices from Exponents.
  • Financial Planning: Get clear insights on the expenses to be incurred. Plan the use of your trade show budget with our open and transparent pricing of trade show booth rentals.
  • Negate Risks: Negate risks of add-on billing and hidden costs with our open pricing of your exhibit rentals. With us what you see is what you pay.

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