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Whether you have just ventured into the startup landscape for the first time or operate a small business, you may have a range-bound budget to improve the brand visibility and outreach at a tradeshow. How do you ensure that you capitalize on the event to generate maximum leads and sustained volume of business inquiries from interested visitors? How do you ensure that the costs involved in building and deployment of tradeshow booths are free from any hidden charges and is completely transparent? This is where we, Exponents, comes into the picture. With Exponents, you can avail of vast experience in superior quality design and construction of tradeshow booths. We have the right answer to all your queries above.

The 35 years of in-depth industry experience will come in handy to provide you with cost-effective ways to get maximum ROI on your collaboration with us for your tradeshow booths.   We have helped top players to exhibit their brand USP across more than 50 tradeshow locations in the US.

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Why Choose Exponents As Your Tradeshow Booth Partners?

Many industry-leading companies count on us to elevate their brand presence at a tradeshow with a visually stunning and impactful tradeshow booth. Your startup and emerging business can benefit in the below ways:

Fixed Price Designs
All our designs come with fixed pricing so that you have a clear idea about how your marketing budget will be utilized.
Incredible Versatility In Designs
With more than 700 designs to opt for, your marketing team will be spoilt for choice when they collaborate with us for tradeshow booth design needs.
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Indigenous Booth Manufacturing
Rather than outsourcing the booth construction work, we use indigenous technology to build the boot hat our production facility. This helps us deliver 100% QA checked booths that exceeds your expectations.
Bespoke Brand Graphics
We integrate your custom brand graphics for a seamless look and feel that gels well with your other marketing assets.
Quality Assurance
We schedule two rounds of demonstration to help you see how the tradeshow booth would look like when it is eventually put up on the exhibit day at the venue. This gives you the chance to inspect the booth and suggest if any changes are needed.
Concierge Support
We deploy a team of personnel to help you with the installation, dismantling, and day to day monitoring of your booth throughout the event.
20x20 Trade show booth at Heart Rhythm Society, San Francisco

Are There any Varieties in Booth Designs?

Yes, at Exponents, we believe in offering versatility in attention-grabbing custom tradeshow booth designs. You can check through more than 700 designs for tradeshow booths. The diverse assortment of designs includes modular, add-on integrated and fully customized ones.

Based on your marketing budget, you can filter out the designs, narrow down your choices, and pick the right design as per your preferences. Additionally, you get to add specific features, functionalities and performance parameters to a modular tradeshow booth for value addition and a high degree of personalization. If you need a fully customized booth, we can do that too.

booth-design How will the USP of Our Brand be reflected with the Tradeshow Booth Designs?

At Exponents, we know that your business needs to convey a distinct value proposition in clear terms to the audience, to establish a connection with the brand. With customized tradeshow booths, your marketing team gets the opportunity to showcase the distinct USP.

For this, we offer sharp and eye-catching graphics for your tradeshow booths.  The brand graphics will be in line with your other marketing assets and have a magnetic pull with its sharp imagery, colors, and typography.


event-booth How Can We Get Access to High-Quality Rental Booths?

How does your marketing team procure the best quality tradeshow booths? How does your marketing team ensure that every element, fabric, and material will work well to improve brand messaging at the venue?

We build the tradeshow booths using indigenous manufacturing technology at our booth production facility. The fabrics and materials used are of superior quality. Our craftsmen utilize years of experience to do a stellar job.

We do not compromise on the quality or the quality. Hence, our trade show booths feature zero defects.

Meeting Rooms How do you Ensure Top QA on the Booths?

How do you ensure that the booths pass the strictest quality check norms and deliver high performance? How to make sure there are no glitches or risks that will have a catastrophic effect on brand reputation?

At Exponents, we offer a two-step QA process to address the potential issues. We present a demonstration twice – once at our production facility and next to your place. In the first demo, you can do a total assessment of the completed booth.

If there are any aspects that you aren’t happy with, we can update it to match your expectation. We also do a second round of demonstration at your chosen place. Here, the entire marketing team can do a walk-around and suggest any changes if needed, well before the actual event.

  How do We Ensure that Our Tradeshow Budget is on Track?

You may be worried that the booth rental pricing will increase beyond the initial estimate. However, at XYZ, we have a fail-safe approach to pricing the booth design and production project. We practice an open pricing policy where the costs are communicated upfront and remain consistent right till the end of the project.

We are the only tradeshow booth builders in the United States that offer this pricing advantage. This provides your marketing team with a clear idea about the financial scope of the project without any last minute surprises.

  How Does Our Team Get Visibility to the Progress of the Project?

Is there a way for the marketing team to stay updated on the progress of the booth construction process? Whom do they interact with in case of any queries or doubts? We address this issue by designating a dedicated project manager for your project.

This point of contact will help answer any questions you may have and keep you updated on the project’s progress.

costs How do We get Cost Effective Booth Built with my Marketing Budget?

As a startup, you may need to save on the costs of the  booth design and production. You would want to utilize the budget to alleviate financial risks. To address this issue, we provide trade show booths that are reusable and affordable.

With our cost-effective rates and reusability, you get to utilize your budget judiciously.

booth-design Where Can We Get Great Designs for Tradeshow Booths to Make an Impact?

You may want to create a memorable impact on the visitors’ mind with a subtle yet catchy tradeshow booth design. It is indeed the first thing a visitor will notice and will be the difference between him entering the booth or merely passing by.

We help you choose the best design that resonates with your brand philosophy and enables you to convey your clear marketing messages better.

Team Answers to Common Queries by Startup and Small Businesses

When you are just starting as a first-timer to a trade show, you might naturally have many queries on your mind. At Exponents, we seek to solve these and have provided some answers to commonly asked questions.

Can you Help us to Install the Booth?

We understand that on event day you may have a lot on your plate. The good news is that you can rely on us at Exponents to help with delivering the trade show booth to the venue, assemble it, and configure the different elements well before the first visitors drops by at the exhibit.

Our on-ground staff also ensures full booth management and monitoring support so that your team can focus on winning leads.

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