Elevating your trade show experience with custom trade show booth rentals in Arizona

Entering the spotlight at the prestigious Arizona trade show arena is now simpler than ever with Exponents, your dependable partner for comprehensive trade show booth rentals. We oversee every aspect of your exhibit booth rental in Arizona, allowing you to focus on delivering outstanding performance.

Our extensive in-house facilities, strategically situated on both coasts, empower us to ensure the timely delivery of trade show booths in Arizona. By handling all aspects, we minimize reliance on external entities, ensuring a smooth execution of your trade show experience.

 We assure a 100% pre-build of your booth. Before the event, we pre-assemble your trade show booth rental in our facilities, conducting thorough quality checks on graphics production, flooring, and lighting. This guarantees a flawless presentation on the show day.

Businesses seeking top-notch trade show exhibits in Arizona rely on us for our extensive industry knowledge and track record spanning over 40 years. We offer a range of services, including dedicated project management to guide you through the process, quality control with our in-house facilities, and comprehensive assistance in every stage of your trade show journey. From design to construction, shipping to installation, and dismantling, our turnkey trade show booth services ensure a successful experience.

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Why is Exponents the right choice for renting  custom trade show displays in Arizona



Choose from 700+ Customizable Designs

Dive into our extensive collection of over 700 trade show booth design ideas, each carefully curated to capture attention and amplify your message.

Swift turnaround time

Expect a comprehensive quote and a personalized 3D booth design in just four business days!

Turnkey solutions

From initial design and construction to shipping, installation, and dismantling, we handle every aspect.

Transparent pricing

Benefit from our straightforward pricing approach, designed to eliminate any unexpected costs or hidden charges for your trade show booth rental in Arizona.

Project management

Trust our seasoned project managers to navigate your trade show booth project at every stage. Serving as your sole point of contact, they ensure seamless communication and coordination.

In-house facilities

With facilities on both coasts, we have a strategic advantage in promptly delivering trade show booths to Arkansas.

Check out some of our work

From 2000 sqft custom rental booth to 200 sqft modular rental booth, we do it all!


20x30 Trade Show Booth AT NADA Show 2024, Las Vegas


10x20 Custom Trade Show Booth AT CES show 2024, Las Vegas


40x40 Trade Show Booth AT Intersolar North America Show 2024, San Diego

EV Produce

20x20 Trade Show Exhibit Rental AT IFPA's The Global Produce & Floral show 2023, Anaheim


20x30 Trade Show Display AT IAAPA 2023, Orlando

Meeting IQM

20x20 Trade Show Booth Rental AT Super Computers 2023, Denver

Some of our happy clients!

What type of rental trade show booths can we provide for your Arizona trade show?

Linear Booths:

Our carefully crafted linear trade show booth designs  are designed to maximize limited spaces, ensuring an immersive experience. Despite the compact layout, we work closely with you to incorporate sleek furniture, captivating lighting, and an optimal color palette, resulting in a compelling linear trade show exhibit rental experience in Arizona.

Island Booths:

Offering a panoramic view and interactive features, our island trade show booths are meticulously designed to optimize space, encourage movement, and guide audiences through an exciting journey. Bring your brand stories to life with our island trade show exhibit designs, available in various sizes – we have all your needs covered.

About Arizona

Arizona, a state within the United States of America, ranks as the sixth largest in the nation by area. The state has primarily been characterized by its urban population, especially since the mid-20th century. During this period, urban and suburban regions experienced significant growth, often overshadowing rural areas in terms of development and population increase. Arizona, located in the southwestern region of the United States, is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, including the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, and the iconic Saguaro cactus-filled deserts. The state is famous for its warm climate, with scorching summers and mild winters, attracting sun-seeking tourists year-round. Beyond its natural beauty, Arizona is home to vibrant cities like Phoenix and Tucson, and it has a rich Native American history. 

Trade exhibits thrive in Arizona due to its strategic location, providing a gateway between the United States and Mexico. The state’s business-friendly environment and modern infrastructure make it an ideal destination for trade shows, attracting industries ranging from technology to agriculture. Arizona has hosted numerous successful trade exhibits, fostering collaboration and innovation across sectors. Notably, the state’s commitment to sustainable practices has contributed to eco-friendly trade shows. 

Exponents, a leading trade show booth business based in Arizona, have played a pivotal role in this ecosystem. We offer turnkey services, providing top-notch trade show booths that not only showcase brands effectively but also align with Arizona’s commitment to environmental responsibility, contributing to the success and sustainability of trade exhibits in the region.

Things to consider while exhibiting in Arizona

Participating in trade shows in Arizona demands careful consideration to ensure a successful and impactful presence. Here are key factors to keep in mind:

  1. Arizona is known for its desert climate, with very hot summers and mild winters, particularly in the southern part of the state. Northern areas, like Flagstaff, have a more mountainous climate, with cooler temperatures and even snow in winter. Timing your event to match the season can affect attendee comfort and turnout.
  2. Arizona’s major cities like Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff are well-connected by air and road. Choosing a location near these cities or their airports can make it easier for out-of-state attendees to participate. 
  3. Plan logistics meticulously for smooth transportation of materials to and from the venue, considering Arizona’s expansive geography.
  4. Each city or county in Arizona may have different requirements for holding events, including permits, insurance, and safety regulations. Familiarize yourself with these requirements well in advance to ensure compliance and avoid any legal issues.
  5. Phoenix Convention Center: One of Arizona’s largest convention centers, the Phoenix Convention Center hosts major events. Situated in downtown Phoenix, it’s easily accessible by public transportation, including the Valley Metro Light Rail. Nearby hotels and ample parking make it convenient for attendees.
  6. Tucson Convention Center: Known for its versatility, the Tucson Convention Center is a prominent venue. Located in the heart of Tucson, it is easily reachable by car, with plenty of parking options. Additionally, it’s within walking distance of downtown hotels, simplifying travel arrangements for event participants.

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