20×50 Trade Show Booths and Exhibit Displays

As a marketer, trade shows are always an exciting opportunity for you to connect on a more personal basis with potential customers who may not have had the chance to get to know you yet. It’s also an occasion wherein you get to truly strut your stuff, be it a new product or an unmissable offer on your existing inventory.

However, even though the audience at trade shows has extremely specific interests that are catered to by your industry, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a special spot on their itinerary. After all, there are hundreds of other businesses offering a lot of the same things you do, maybe even in bigger, bolder ways.

You need to go that extra mile to make a memorable impression and ensure that you give your visitors a strong and compelling reason to avail your services. That’s where our 20×50 trade show exhibits come in.

Stand Out with Our 20×50 Trade Show Booths

The immense structures of an island booth create a brand-immersive environment that can be customized to pander to the specific needs of your target audience and deliver the right message about who you are and what you do. The perimeter of a 20×50 trade show booth is unobstructed, which allows traffic to flow in and out seamlessly and makes you more accessible to attendees.

With the designers and architects of Exponents casting their creative spell on your display, you will have an imposing edifice that goes against the grain and creates a connection with key targets.

When we design and build your 20×50 trade show display, one of our principal goals is to highlight your brand with the help of vibrant colors, dramatic lighting, gorgeous flooring, and contemporary furniture – all set to the tune of your company’s goals as well as core values.

By infusing your brand’s personality in every important quotient of the 20×50 booth design, we will make sure you make your presence felt without conforming to industry standards or looking like a sheep following the herd.

Why Choose Exponents as Your 20×50 Trade Show Designer

One of the biggest challenges accompanying trade show planning is finding the right people to help you out on the journey to success. From devising an effective strategy to delivering the20×50 trade show display to the show unblemished, there are a lot of serious responsibilities that the rental company must fulfil to perfection. To do so, the right amount of experience and expertise is a non-negotiable prerequisite.

We at Exponents have been an essential part of the trade show circuit for more than 30 years now. Having worked with over 18,000 brands, some of them leading in their industry, we have developed a keen sense of understanding in the arenas of design, space optimization, booth construction, graphics and technology, and conveyance of exhibits.

If you choose to partner with us for your 20×50 booth designs, here are some of the ways in which you will benefit:

As soon as you entrust us with your project, we’ll assign a dedicated manager to look after every single detail of the display, including the quality of materials and logistics.

They will be responsible for ensuring the timely progress of your20×50 booth, giving you daily updates and status reports, and responding to your queries and feedback. At every step of the way, we will prioritize your needs and take care of everything for you.

We know how hard it is to wait until the last moment to lay eyes on your trade show booth. What if it isn’t everything you hoped and expected it to be? To alleviate those worries, we will invite you to our warehouse well before the show to inspect a mock-up version of the exhibit thoroughly.

You can make sure it is up to your expectations, and in case there are any discrepancies, we will sort them out on priority. Our aim is to bring your vision to life, and we’ll do what it takes to make that happen.

No one understands the sheer chaos that is organizing a tradeshow better than us. A small but significant way in which we can help you find some tranquillity amidst the turmoil is by personally delivering the20×50 trade show booth to the show location and assembling it for you.

We will even dismantle it once the event concludes, and if you so desire, put the booth away in storage for future use. Every effort we make towards your display is intended for the purpose of providing you with a completely stress-free exhibiting experience.

Are you totally put off by the number of times a rental company has gone back on its word and stuck you with a stack of additional costs that were disguised in fine print? We are, too! That’s why we founded Exponents, to give our customers exactly what they want and nothing less.

On the day we finalize the details of your20×50 trade show display, we will give you a precise quote – and that is all you will have to pay! We don’t believe in creeping into our clients’ pockets with hidden costs of any kind.

Our Design Approach for Your 20×50 Trade Show Booths

How we approach the challenge of designing a booth that fulfils the aforementioned goals is simple. When you contact us, our consultants will ask you a series of pointed questions whose answers will throw light on who you are and what you have to offer. Other than that, they will also try to gain an in-depth insight into your company’s inner functioning and desired image.

Once these details are in the bag, we will vet them as per the design needs of your 20×50 exhibit booth and carefully choose the information that will be displayed at the tradeshow.

We will handpick elements that you believe to be your brand’s most unique propositions and blend them with our creative strategies with the target of fulfilling your goals as well as expressing your identity to prospects.

With the right mix of an intentional and well-designed 20×50 tradeshow booth and a calculated pitch, you won’t find it hard to break out of the clutter and through to the desired audience at your upcoming trade show.

Meet Your Objectives with Our 20×50 Trade Show Displays

The time to set your trade show objectives is in the infancy stages of organizing and planning the nitty-gritties of your exhibit.

However, the process of actually achieving these goals is an ongoing one. Right from the moment, we start designing your 20×50 trade show exhibit until the end of the show, every step is a conscious effort toward bringing you closer to the result you have been hoping to accomplish.

From planning your space efficiently right at the onset to creating a stunning structure and finally suffusing it with attention-grabbing graphics that tell a moving story quickly and effectually, we’ll provide you with the optimal design that fits your space, budget and other specific requirements while offering an exceptional opportunity to promote your brand and messaging.

Our 20×50 Trade Show Booth Ideas Will Help You Fulfil Your Goals

Whether the whole point of you exhibiting at your upcoming tradeshow is to capture more leads or see what your competitors are up to these days, socially connect with existing customers or expand your client list by introducing your product or service in a new market, we have a developing repository of 20×50 trade show booth ideas to help you get where you want to be.

In fact, even if you are slightly unclear about the goals you wish to achieve, there’s no problem! The experienced professionals on our strategy team will assist you defining your objectives in a clear and measurable form.

If you are wondering how renting a 20×50 tradeshow booth will help you reach your business goals, here are just a few ways:

  By saving you valuable time due to being pre-designed by a team of experts.

  By reducing your expenditures and saving you money on designing, building, and delivering the booth from external sources.

  By offering a bespoke exhibit that is tailored around your specific needs and brand guidelines.

  By using customized graphics that catch the audience’s eye and draw them in.

  By freeing you from the hassle of having to ship your booth from one location to another, install it in place, and dismantle it after the show is over.

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