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Reuse one 20 x 30 booth for multiple 20 x 20, 10 x 20 & 10 x 10 booths

A 20×30 trade show exhibit with two demo stations, lockable storage room, live seminar space, and custom printed SEG graphic

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Price:  $64,532.00

Two demo stations each with a large format graphic message, big screen, and lockable storage counter. A seminar area with ample seating with a presentation wall that doubles up as a storage room. The hanging banner helps you get noticed from a distance.

 BLU 2030-005

2000 lbs

Packs in 2 shipping crates

Ships in 3 weeks from graphics approval


Package Includes:

  • Two 16’ high x 3’ wide graphic demo stations with frame
  • Two 12’ long x 3’ wide roofs with frame
  • One 10’ long x 8’ high and 3’ deep lockable storage room
  • Custom dye sublimation printed SEG graphic
  • Two lockable counters with storage shelves
  • Monitor mounts for seminar presentation (up to 55” screen)
  • One reception desk with vinyl cut logo
  • Two 10’ long and 3’ high L shaped Hanging signs
  • Two hanging cubes of 3’
  • Bright LED arm lights
  • LED roof lights under the roof
  • 6 Pouffies for seminar seating
  • 1 round community Table with 5 Chairs
  • 2 Packaging crates; 9’ long, 4’ wide, and 3’ high

Package excludes:

  • Shipping and drayage costs, installation and dismantling

 Full bleed graphic

 LED Lights

 Replacement graphics available

100% modular construction Multiple configurations

See how this exhibit can be reused different floor spaces and layouts

Here is some of our works


What are the things to look for when you buy modular trade show exhibits in the USA?

At trade shows, the first impression matters the most, and it is primarily depended upon your trade show booth design. A well-designed trade show booth can do wonders for your brand. And that is why it is essential to get it designed by an experienced and reliable booth manufacturing company. Exponents has a proven track record of successful booth design projects and is well-informed with the leading trends in the industry.

Here are a few things to look for while buying modular trade show exhibits in the USA?

Custom-made functional booth designs

An experienced trade show booth company offers a wide range of trade show booth designs tailored as per your company requirements. It makes your trade show exhibit brand-specific, thus attracting your potential customers.

In-house Manufacturing

The company that offers in-house manufacturing of your exhibit ensures that it is built with the utmost quality and precision using the best raw materials as there is no third-party intervention in the process.

Graphics Production

While buying a modular trade show exhibit, make sure the company also offers graphics production facilities that ensure large format quality graphics to make your trade show exhibit eye-catching to your visitors.

Dry Run

Some companies pre-build your trade show exhibit at their warehouse, thus giving you an overview of how your booth will appear on the show floor. Always check with your exhibit house if they perform a dry run.

Installation Service

Look for companies that offer installation and dismantling services as a whole exhibit package. Also, search for a company that provides training or handovers clear setup instruction if you’re choosing DIY, as well as I&D service, for the companies who don’t have a special team dedicated to building the trade show exhibit.

After-Sales Support

Usually, a customer-focused trade show booth building company provides after-sales support and maintenance service. The exhibit house understands that your modular trade show exhibit requires maintenance and offers the necessary support even after the sales.

Checklist to buy modular trade show exhibit

Purchasing a modular trade show exhibit might seem overwhelming but preparing in advance makes it easy. For this, we have a quick checklist prepared to help you buy your modular trade show exhibit.

  • Number of trade shows you wish to attend and their trade show space (The foremost thing to note while buying modular trade show exhibit)
  • The size of your trade show exhibit (modular booth is reconfigurable to fit multiple spaces)
  • Your trade show marketing objectives
  • Easy-to-do graphics or Interchangeable graphics
  • Setup instruction/ DIY (Whether the modular trade show exhibit requires experts or can be set up independently)
  • Trade show accessories such as furniture, lights, etc. are included in the package
  • Transportation and logistics (Does the company offer transportation facilities, especially if you’re exhibiting internationally)
  • After-sales Support (It is important to note while buying a modular booth whether the company is providing certain services even after you purchase the booth)

We hope that these above points help you in making an informed decision while buying your modular trade show exhibit.

To get a more detailed picture of it, we have also shared a quick read on Comprehensive checklist for trade show exhibitors

How can I maximize my ROI from a custom Modular exhibit?

A Custom modular exhibit is built specifically for your business. Taking into account the space available, the kind of impact you need to make, and the sort of booth type you hope for, your trade show manufacturer portrays every aspect of your booth with the brand logo so that the audience relate to this experience with your brand. It serves as an ideal option if you’re participating in multiple shows in a year as it is presented as a new booth just by changing interchanging the graphics, thus saving the cost for a new booth.

The custom modular exhibit is easily reconfigurable, which makes it reusable for multiple space sizes. They are built for convenience as they can be compressed and packed in compact boxes, which saves your logistics cost. Easy to install and dismantle, custom modular exhibits do not require much manpower either. They are a practical, sustainable, and cost-effective option with enormous design possibilities to choose from. With the right marketing approach, you can make optimum utilization of your trade show exhibit.

Choosing a custom modular exhibit serves as a one-time investment for your brand, thus maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

How do I find the right custom Modular trade show exhibit?

Just like online shopping, you may simply put your booth requirements on Google and get a list of online booth designers for your booth. However, the process of online search for a reliable exhibit house is tedious and frustrating. The chances of finding a fly-by-night booth designer are high. But we have got you covered here.Exponents have categorized modular trade show exhibits depending on their sizes. Ranging from a small yet operational size of 10×10 to island booths of 50×50. All you have to do is browse through the range and pick the design that suits your brand the best.

Is customization possible with a trade show exhibit?

Well, the answer is yes! But the catch is you would need to find a trade show booth company that welcomes customization even you are buying a modular trade show booth. The good news is Exponents is an expert in providing custom modular trade show booths.

With the customization we provide, you can –

  • Change your artwork for your booth graphics
  • Custom lighting, carpet or flooring, and furniture
  • Decorate your booth with add-ons like special shelves to showcase your product, booth accessories.

Should I Buy Or Rent A Trade Show Booth?

The first question to ask yourself when considering participating in a trade show is whether you are going to rent or buy your booth. If you have planned your marketing budget to participate in several shows, the purchase of your booth will undoubtedly be more profitable than the rental. You must also take into account your choice, the size, and the layout of your booth.

Buying a booth is ideal when…

  • You are planning to use it multiple times in a year.
  • You want to benefit from total independence to set up and dismantle your booth, without depending on the service provider who sold it to you.
  • You are looking for a consistent yet dynamic visual identity, from one show to another.
  • You want to reduce the cost of participating in each trade show.
  • You plan to use your trade show booth at multiple events, and not only trade shows.

How Exponents Can Help Me With Custom Trade Show Booth Design And Logistics?

Custom trade show booth design

Over the years we have developed an extensive range of more than 1000 trade show booth designs, which we can adapt to your brand identity according to your brand’s requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you want to buy or rent your booth – we have designsperfectly constructed for your brand or industry type. We have a wide range of trade show booth designsthat help you reach your desired target groups at your next shows in the USA. Thanks to our modern high-resolution 3D booth visuals, you can view your booth online from all perspectives even before the trade show unwraps at your venue. We help your sales department deliver experiences that effectively engage your prospects.

Trade show booth logistics

When it comes to logistics, we transport your booth to the site of your event. We ensure that it is suitably packaged and shipped in the best conditions to the venue. Also, with us, you never have to worry about the progress of your shipment as we constantly update you with it.

We do also provide I&D services on request.

Here are a few things that we offer to all our customers:

  • Neat and safe transport packaging
  • Avoidance of damage caused by mishandling
  • Worldwide logistics network
  • Assurance of long-term use of your trade show booth


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