Highlight your offerings at SXSW 2024 with our stunning trade show displays

Interested in presenting your products or services at SXSW? At Exponents, we understand the significance of making a lasting impression at an event as dynamic as SXSW. That’s why we offer a wide range of solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. With 40 years of experience in the industry, we create custom trade show booths to make you shine.

We handle everything, from coming up with booth ideas to making them a reality. Our goal is to simplify the process, keeping it smooth while paying attention to the small details and maintaining open communication. Whether you’re thinking about how the booth should look, choosing design elements, or sorting out logistics, we ensure an efficient experience from start to finish.

We have a unique offering for you – our 100% pre-build guarantee. This means you get to see and approve your trade show booth rental before the actual event.

To kickstart your journey at SXSW 2024, reach out to us at 800-639-1174 or drop us an email at info@exponents.com. Together, let’s transform your vision into reality with incredible trade show booth designs.

About SXSW 2024

Taking place in Austin from March 8th to March 16th, 2024, SXSW serves as the vibrant epicenter where industry innovations spring to life. As an exhibitor, you can dive into a world of interactive installations, cutting-edge technology demonstrations, and captivating art trade shows. This exposure can lead to international partnerships and opportunities.

You can connect with professionals from various sectors, fostering collaborations and potential business growth. SXSW 2024 is vital for those seeking global exposure, innovation, networking, creative expression, thought leadership, and market validation, making it a must-attend event.

With our expertise in creating functional and memorable trade show booth rentals in Austin, Exponents empowers you to maximize your presence, make a lasting impression, and build valuable connections.

Our goal is to provide you with trade show displays that go beyond the ordinary. They’re not just setups; they’re strategic tools that turn passersby into engaged visitors.

What makes us the ideal partner for your SXSW exhibit?

With forty years of experience, teaming up with us for SXSW guarantees you peace of mind:

700+ customizable booth designs

With a vast portfolio of more than 700 booth designs, we are here to fulfill all your requirements at SXSW. If you seek exclusivity, our team specializes in crafting custom booths as well.

Quick turnaround time

Turn your vision into a reality with a striking 3D booth design and a detailed quote, all delivered within five business days.

Turnkey solutions

We take care of every detail, from conceptualization to shipping, installation, and dismantling, ensuring everything is perfectly managed.

Transparent pricing

Our pricing model removes any ambiguity. Each quote is transparent, providing clarity throughout the post-show phase.

Dedicated project management

A dedicated project manager becomes your trusted partner, overseeing all logistical aspects, graphics production, and communication with SXSW organizers, guaranteeing that your trade show exhibit resonates effectively.

In-House facilities

Our in-house facilities are strategically positioned to demonstrate our dedication to efficiency, responsiveness, and quality at SXSW.

Reserve your booth, and leave the rest to us!

Choosing the perfect trade show booth design is now a breeze!

Pick from our wide range of pre-designed booths that you can customize to fit your requirements in just 3 clicks!

Check out some of our work!

From a 4’x4’ pod to over 3000 sq. ft. trade show booth design and rental. we do it all!

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Let’s create your SXSW booth for the utmost impact and effectiveness!

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