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The premier event for professionals in the music industry, the AXPONA 2024, is where impactful connections are made. If you’re seeking to leave a lasting impression at AXPONA 2024, Exponents stands ready as your ultimate ally. Renowned for our innovative approach to trade show booth design, we specialize in crafting custom exhibits that actively engage your audience. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a 40-year track record of delivering standout services, partnering with us is a strategic investment for your brand. Whether you have a specific vision in mind or wish to tailor a booth to your exact specifications, we provide the versatility to ensure your rental booth stands out amidst the crowd.

Experience the convenience of receiving a designed 3D booth within five business days, accompanied by a comprehensive quote. This swift turnaround allows ample time to prepare for the upcoming AXPONA 2024, ensuring you’re well-equipped to make the most of your exhibition opportunity. Choose Exponents as your reliable partner for AXPONA 2024, and elevate your brand’s presence with an exhibit design that resonates with attendees long after the event concludes.

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About AXPONA 2024

AXPONA (Audio Expo North America), which is taking from in Chicago from 12-14 April,  is dedicated to uniting the largest annual assembly of audio enthusiasts, music aficionados, audio dealers, manufacturers, and distributors across North America. Our mission is to foster a vibrant community that celebrates the art of sound through immersive listening experiences featuring high-performance audio products.

AXPONA 2024 is committed to engaging and entertaining audiences by curating captivating showcases that highlight the pinnacle of audio excellence. Through these immersive experiences, attendees are transported into the realm of high-fidelity sound, where they can explore the nuances of top-tier audio equipment.

Furthermore, AXPONA 2024 is actively involved in supporting the growth of the high-end audio industry. Grab a trade show booths today and secure your spot now!

Why choose Exponents for AXPONA 2024?

Are you striving for perfection as an exhibitor at AXPONA 2024? Let Exponents serve as the sturdy foundation that supports your journey toward excellence! We’re committed to helping you shine.

700+ customizable designs

Explore our extensive collection of over 700 custom exhibit designs tailored for trade show booths.

Swift turnaround time

Anticipate receiving a comprehensive quote and an impressive 3D booth design within the next five business days!

Turnkey solutions

Rest assured as we handle everything – from crafting the exhibit design to ensuring seamless installation and later dismantling.

Transparent pricing

Discover our transparent booth pricing for straightforward financial transactions. Experience peace of mind, knowing there won’t be any post-show surprises.

Dedicated project management

Our experienced project manager will ensure seamless coordination throughout every stage, from booth creation to maintaining clear communication with event organizers.

In-house facilities

Our facility 📍, conveniently located near the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel, Chicago, is equipped to ensure the efficient construction and delivery of your trade show exhibit.

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