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The AHRA 2024 Annual Meeting is a premier event for medical imaging management professionals, featuring a redesigned experience with guest speakers and sessions focused on technology, best practices, and networking opportunities for industry leaders and influencers. With a legacy spanning over 40 years, Exponents is here to ensure that your custom exhibit rental for AHRA 2024 in Orlando is unforgettable. Our comprehensive turnkey services include everything from booth design and construction to logistics and on-site support, enabling you to concentrate on presenting your brand at this leading industry gathering.

Choosing our services for AHRA 2024 comes with our exclusive 100% pre-build guarantee. We assemble your Orlando trade show booth rental at our local in-house facility before the event, ensuring everything adheres to our stringent standards and functions perfectly. This pre-event assembly is an essential test to verify your booth’s functionality. We have an in-house facility in Orlando less than 20 miles from the event venue. This facility allows us to offer immediate and efficient support throughout the event. Our local presence means we can quickly cater to your needs, ensuring a seamless and impactful trade show experience. To create a custom trade show booth in Orlando and learn more about how we can assist you in making a substantial impact at AHRA 2024, please contact us at 800-639-1174 or

About AHRA

The AHRA 2024 Annual Meeting in Orlando is a crucial gathering for medical imaging management professionals, offering a dynamic platform for exhibitors in the field. By showcasing at this event, companies can engage directly with a diverse audience, including radiologists, radiologist assistants, radiology nurses, technologists with modality certification, support staff, physicists, clinical engineers, and administrative professionals. This varied attendee list ensures that exhibitors can connect with decision-makers and influencers across different facets of the medical imaging industry.

In its previous edition, 600+ visitors attended this event. This year’s meeting promises an even larger turnout and a redesigned experience emphasizing knowledge sharing and networking. It will provide exhibitors with an ideal environment to highlight the latest technology and innovative practices in medical imaging. The presence of leading guest speakers and comprehensive sessions further draws a focused and engaged audience, keen on learning and applying new technologies and methodologies.

Exhibitors can expect to leave the event with valuable contacts, heightened brand visibility, and actionable insights into industry trends and customer needs, thereby boosting their market presence and potential business opportunities. Get your trade show exhibit rental for this event and make a mark on your target audience.

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Our skilled project managers will oversee all aspects of your booth production and coordinate with AHRA event organizers to achieve your desired booth presentation.

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Benefit from our in-house facility📍 located in Orlando, enabling us to provide swift and reliable services for your trade show booth rental at AHRA 2024.

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Roto @IAAPA 2023, Orlando

Nov, 2023

Thanku so much for the extra care & attention. Looks good so far.

Roto Team
LineVision @Distributech 2024, Orlando, FL

Feb, 2024

The booth setup looks great and Fernando and his team were very responsive & quick to help.

LineVision Team
Teller @Elixir Conf USA 2023, Orlando

Sep, 2023

Very Happy.

Teller Team

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