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When: March 23-26, 2025, Where: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

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Shoptalk: Come Together To Create The Future Of Retail

Shoptalk, to be held at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas from March 23-26, 2025 is one of the leading retail trade shows in the United States of America. The retail trade show event promises to bring together a community of 8000 attendees and the world’s leading retail brands on the same platform for an extensive round of dialogue, demonstration of brand potential and deliberations to create the future of retail.

The trade show event that is attended by thousands of individuals including top corporate executives from blue chip retail corporations, stand-alone retail brands, managers, retail industry professionals and business operators aims to create opportunities for participants and attendees to showcase their brand offerings, learn about the transformation of retail being driven by technology and diverse business models; both existing and emerging.

With four days of curated meetings, productive networking, leisure activities and forums involving the most respected voices in the retail industry vertical in the country, Shoptalk Show like its previous editions offers tremendous opportunities to participants to augment their corporate image, showcase their latest offerings and explore prospects for new business development.

Exponents Collaborate With Shoptalk Participants For Trade Show Excellence

With 30 years of experience and proven expertise at delivering turnkey trade show project management solutions to the world’s leading brands, Exponents collaborate with brands participating in Shoptalk to enable them to scale success. With an exciting range of more than 700 trade show booth rental designs, options of integrating add-on features and functionalities and complete customization of trade show rental booths with large scale brand graphics and indigenous booth manufacturing technology, Exponents match step with retail brands to achieve their targeted marketing goals at Shoptalk.

Not just this, Exponents also offer a staff concierge team for the installation, supervision, and dismantling of the trade show booth rentals during the trade show.

Get in touch with the Exponents team of highly skilled personnel available at your service to make your trade show participation – a highly successful affair. In addition to our designer booth rentals, we offer you our complete set of on-ground support services with our expert professionals. Get engaged with our designers and consultants today to get access to the most stylish looking trade show booth rentals at Las Vegas.

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