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GRAPHICS PRO EXPO offers exhibitors a chance to showcase their products to Northeast’s specialized markets in signage, digital graphics, awards, and apparel decoration, facilitating direct sales opportunities and valuable networking with industry professionals.

We guarantee a standout 3D trade show booth design and a clear, detailed quote within four days, with a transparent pricing process that eliminates unexpected costs.. Our bi-coastal facilities enable us to provide prompt, efficient support, ensuring a seamless and successful trade show booth rental experience in Philadelphia.

Our project managers will help you at every step of renting a trade show booth in Philadelphia, from choosing the design to dismantling it. They’ll make sure everything about your custom exhibit meets your goals for a smooth and successful experience.

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GRAPHICS PRO EXPO at Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, July 10-12, 2024, connects exhibitors with top industry professionals. Engage with qualified leads and showcase innovations.

The event offers a premier platform for exhibitors to connect with a specialized audience from the Northeast’s sign and digital graphics, awards, personalization, and apparel decoration markets.

The expo provides a comprehensive environment where exhibitors like you can showcase your products and services to a targeted group of attendees. With the expo starting a day after educational sessions commence on July 9, exhibitors can also participate in and benefit from continuous learning and networking throughout the show.

Being a part of GRAPHICS PRO EXPO, powered by GRAPHICS PRO magazine, means gaining access to a vibrant market under one roof, where the latest trends and technologies are at the forefront.

This setup is ideal for exhibitors looking to enhance their market presence, broaden their reach, and better interact closely with attendees to understand their needs and expectations.

What key benefits do our booth rentals provide that set them apart?

700+ Customizable booth designs

Check out our online gallery with over 700 trade show booth designs that you can customize. Adapt any design to match your brand and connect with attendees.

Quick turnaround time

We focus on efficiency by promising to send you a detailed quote and a custom 3D booth design within four days.

Turnkey solutions

Opt for our turnkey services that encompass everything from the creative design process to the meticulous dismantling post-event, ensuring a seamless exhibition experience.

Transparent pricing

Enjoy our clear pricing policy that gives you detailed quotes upfront, helping you manage your budget without any surprises.

Project management

Our project managers handle all the details of coordinating vendors and producing your booth, making sure your display is impressive and ready on time.

In-house facility

Utilizing our in-house facilities on both the USA coasts, we guarantee efficient and reliable booth construction, ensuring everything is ready for the GRAPHICS PRO EXPO.

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