Turnkey  exhibit rentals for the 2024 NSH Convention

The 2024 National Society for Histotechnology’s Convention brings together professionals in histology, marking 40 years since the founding of NSH. The society now connects over 3,000 members worldwide who specialize in histology.

For NSH exhibit rentals, Exponents will be a trusted partner for exhibitors aspiring to make a memorable impact. With over 40 years of experience, we have mastered the art of design and technology of building booths for events like these.

Equipped with in-house facilities across the country, we offer a hassle-free journey, eliminating the usual complexities of booth design, setup, and management. Our streamlined process guarantees precision, care, and timely communication from conceptualization to execution.

We offer a 100% pre-build service. Your booth is preconstructed for a trial run and then shipped to the show. You’ll get photos and videos to preview your New Orleans booth rental before the show.

At NSH, where every interaction counts, we are committed to empowering you with a trade show booth that is not just a space but a strategic asset.

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About National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) Convention

The National Society for Histotechnology Symposium (NSH) is a platform for businesses operating within the histology and laboratory industries. It will be held from September 20-24 at the New Orleans Convention Center.

This event welcomes manufacturers of precision equipment, such as microtomes and automated slide stainers, which are essential  for sample preparation in histological analyses.

Additionally, suppliers of histopathology reagents and chemicals, such as fixatives and dyes, will find a knowledgeable audience interested in the latest advancements that enhance sample integrity and safety.

By participating in NSH 2024, exhibitors can demonstrate their commitment to the educational and technological advancement of the histotechnology field. Exhibiting at NSH helps build brand recognition, gain market insights, and expand your network.

Trust a reliable booth builder to make sure you have a significant impact at the show in New Orleans.

What do we offer for your NSH exhibit rental?

700+ Customizable booth designs

Select from our extensive catalog of over 700 exhibit booth design concepts tailored for NSH. If you have unique requirements, we can create a custom design from the ground up.

Quick turnaround time

Our expert design team will provide you with a 3D design and a comprehensive quote within five business days, ensuring an efficient process.

Turnkey services

At Exponents, we handle everything from design and construction to shipping, installation, and booth dismantling. Our turnkey trade show booth services ensure a hassle-free experience.

Transparent pricing

We stand apart by offering all-inclusive trade show booth pricing. Our quotes are transparent and detailed, eliminating any unexpected post-show expenses.

Project management

An experienced project manager will guide you throughout the booth rental process,  handling all aspects including booth logistics, graphics production, and coordination with the NSH event organizers.

In-house facility

Our nationwide facilities 📍enable us to deliver prompt and efficient service at NSH, ensuring your booth is ready on time.

Get maximum impact from your NSH show trade show booth with minimal hassle

Discover over 700 design options and choose a customizable design idea in just 3 clicks!

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