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ViVE 2024 is the ultimate gathering for digital health industry leaders, featuring exclusive networking, innovative sessions, and significant business opportunities. Our commitment to excellence has positioned us as a trusted partner for thousands of companies, providing top-tier trade show booth rental services that consistently surpass expectations. For ViVE, our team will work with you to build a trade show booth in LA that will help you get noticed by the C-level executives of the digital health industry.

From installation to dismantling, it’s entirely our responsibility. We ship your rental booth to and from our facility, ensuring your exhibit’s safety. Our on-site supervision offers real-time issue resolution. Moreover, a dedicated project manager takes care of communication, coordination, and necessary approvals from the organizer, ensuring stress-free participation in trade shows. With Exponents, your focus remains on making a powerful impact while we handle the intricacies of your trade show exhibit in LA.

Reach out to us today at 800.639.1174 or drop us an email at to ensure your participation in the ViVE 2024 is a resounding success with our trade show exhibit rentals.

About ViVE 2024

ViVE 2024 is a landmark event in the digital health industry, scheduled for February 25 to 28, 2024. This event is specifically tailored for executives and decision-makers who are actively shaping the future of digital health. Hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center, ViVE 2024 is expected to draw a diverse and influential crowd, including more than 9,000 attendees, over 2,000 C-level executives, and upwards of 800 sponsors, along with a lineup of 300 esteemed speakers.

The event provides a platform for digital health professionals to engage in meaningful dialogues, exchange innovative ideas, and explore new business opportunities. ViVE 2024 prioritizes networking, with over 3,000 facilitated one-on-one meetings that are relevant and valuable. The VIP CHIME Experience offers custom content, exclusive programming, and dedicated networking and social activities for CHIME members.

Educational sessions at ViVE 2024 will be led by industry leaders and designed to delve deep into the current and future state of digital health. In addition to the learning opportunities, the interactive show floor is set to be a dynamic environment where sponsors and senior executives can engage directly with each other. This setting is designed to foster collaboration and innovation among participants.For your booth rental needs, we stand ready to transform your vision into a captivating trade show booth design that mirrors the spirit of innovation and professionalism of ViVE 2024.

700+ customizable booth designs

Explore a diverse range of over 700 trade show booth designs, each ready to be tailored to mirror your uniqueness.

Quick turnaround time

Trust us with your vision, and within five business days, we’ll bring it to life with a detailed quote and a meticulously crafted 3D booth design.

Turnkey services

Streamline your exhibit experience with us as your all-in-one partner. Design, build, ship, install, and dismantle – every step executed flawlessly, all under one roof.

Transparent pricing

Navigate your budget effortlessly with our clear pricing – no hidden charges, no unexpected surprises – just straightforward costs aligning with your budgetary expectations.

Project Management

Our project managers ensure your ViVE exhibit unfolds just as envisioned, from graphics to on-site coordination.

In-house facility

With a California based facility, we are within reach to provide hassle-free support for the ViVE 2024 event. 

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