What is a virtual exhibit?

Virtual space that is designed and decorated to offer the target audience (users) an immersive, striking, engaging, and highly functional alternative or support to physical location or event.

How is a virtual exhibit different from a virtual trade show?

A virtual trade show is typically a digital platform offered by an organizer to exhibitors to showcase their products or services to the visitors of the virtual trade show.

A virtual exhibit is a virtual space that the exhibitor can custom design and decorate according to their brand needs and offer a simulated immersive experience to their visitors. A virtual exhibit can be used within a virtual trade show or as an independent event by the exhibitor.

What applications can we integrate in a virtual exhibit?

Virtual exhibits can be brought very close to real physical trade show exhibits. These include:

  • text / video chats
  • booking appointments
  • presenting live product demo
  • social media integration

With use of futuristic tools, live streaming events such as product launches are also possible with virtual exhibits.

Can I see few virtual exhibit samples / examples?

A 15 min online demo is all your need to see various Virtooally design samples and how it can be used to custom design your virtual trade show exhibit

How much does a virtual trade show booth cost?

The cost of a virtual trade show booth is not just the area or space used but the level of simulation and application integration in the exhibit. With Virtooally, a package with an exhibit with 3D views, limited navigation and info points and a microsite starts at USD 6999/- all inclusive.

How do I share my virtual exhibit with my customers?

There are various ways to get your exhibit across to your target audience.

  • The most efficient technique is to host it on a microsite; where your exhibit is hosted on a URL and you share the link with your customer database. Here they can visit your virtual experience at their own convenience or even you can present a guided tour. In case you are participating in a virtual trade show and have a booth space given by the organizer, this microsite works best again where you can hyperlink the organizer booth with your own custom made virtual exhibit.
  • Another way is to integrate the virtual exhibit within your own website. This could have a bearing on access control, site security, and also the loading speed since many visitors would be visiting the URL at once during the even.
  • A third way is to take the 3D virtual experience and share it live with your customer online. This needs some technical knowledge since it involves understanding which platform is compatible where the exhibit can be hosted upon to make it fat and easy to share.

How does a web hosting for a virtual exhibit work?

  • Web hosting involves booking a URL of exhibitor’s choice and integrating a microsite on that URL to make it easy to share with your target audience. Server space is also required to host this microsite to enable parallel user traffic and provide a seamless experience to the visitors.
  • All Virtooally packages include a microsite with one-year web hosting and SSL certificate.

Is a Virtual trade show exhibit reusable

  • Yes; once your trade show exhibit is ready and hosted on a microsite, you can use it unlimited number of times. It can be linked to the virtual booth provided by the organizer or also shared individually for guided tours when there is no trade show.
  • The visuals, graphics and interactive applications can be edited to make it most suited for specific trade shows throughout the year. This ensures you have a fresh exhibit and get high ROI from your show calendar.

Can virtual trade shows replace physical trade shows?

No, the future is hybrid! When physical trade shows start, you can further extend a virtual exhibit to create hybrid events. This way you can target those visiting the show in person and those attending it virtually to maximize your reach.

Can Virtual exhibit be made in different languages according to my target markets?

Yes. One virtual exhibit can be made to target different markets speaking different languages. This is an optional feature provided with Virtooally packages.

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