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Exponents for over 30 years helped many exhibitors to de-mystify Exhibiting in International exhibitions and trade show. With offices in 11 Countries including Europe, Middle East and Asia, Exponents has unique ability to successfully design and deliver global tradeshow program for companies who wants to exhibit abroad.

We understand the expectations of marketers from the US and partner with them to successfully run their Global exhibit program . We deliver your brand promise and your message from local cultural perspective with compelling solutions that help you connect successfully with customers in a culturally relevant way.

At Exponents, our focus is on our relationship with you and on finding the most effective way for you to connect with your markets, whether those markets are in Europe, Middle East, Asia etc.. That connection requires not only in-depth knowledge of the culture and the region but also tactical capabilities.

You’ve made the commitment to Exhibit Globally but don’t know where to start?

At Exponents we understand  brand marketing objectives and, we’ll help you deliver your message clearly and without language barriers. We help you to connect with your specific target market. Contacting Exponents is the first step to help you realize your goals.



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