15 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Trade Shows

15 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Trade Shows

Trade show booths today usually lack creativity. For many people entering the trade booth display business, this is a great advantage to undertake the proven principles of guerrilla marketing – and maximize the investment in their brand.

Starting off with team brainstorming and adapting the ideas with your marketplace and potential customers, you can definitely adopt guerilla marketing at a trade show display. Whether it is a surprise event, competition, a game or maybe sweepstakes – guerilla marketing creates a buzz for your brand.

So, wondering how to start off with some effective guerilla marketing for your trade show exhibit? We have 15 tips placed in three categories: pre-show, at the show and outside conference/onsite promo.



1. Use humor to surprise people and break their expectations

2. Customize a postcard page with a quote tailored to your brand

3. Hand out a key and make your visitors wonder what does it open?

4. Do a press release in a local newspaper or website with an upcoming story for your show

5. Integrate your social media channels to engage your audience


At the show

6. Create a wireless charging station and make your visitors wait while charging their phones – which is your action zone to promote and present your brand at its best

7. Hold a contest or a battle – fun enough and compelling so people are attracted to it

8. Make people tweet or post photos on Instagram with your amazing display show exhibit – with as many hashtags

9. Hand out gum or mints – leaving your visitors a good taste in their mouth is a proven method to win them


Outside conference/ onsite promo

10. Hire a gospel choir to sing your praises

11. Create a flash mob event with dancers or a band

12. Hire a guy to sell popcorn, tacos or hotdogs with your custom and branded paper holder

13. Get a celebrity character to impersonate your brand

14. Have a street musician sing your branded messages in witty songs

15. Make art on the sidewalks with your logo or slogan


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