5 Things To Know Before Your First Medical and Pharma Trade Show


With the commencement of the new calendar year of 2019, new opportunities await brands in the pharmaceutical industry vertical to expand their business horizons into new markets and look for vibrant opportunities with an active trade show participation.

Whether you are a new market entrant or an established brand associated with medical and health sectors, participating in a trade show event catering to medical industry enables your brand to achieve your marketing goals in smoothness and easy way.

If you are attending a medical or pharma trade show event for the first time, we have listed five essential things that can be followed by your team to get a much better experience with the overall trade show event.


1. Streamline Your Budget


When you plan to participate in a trade show, things can get really expensive. It becomes all the more difficult if you are participating in your first trade show booth event.

No matter what industry your brand belongs to when the final expenses of the trade show participation arrive, it really turns out to be a shock for you and your marketing team.

To resolve this issue effortlessly, there are certain steps that your marketing team must follow to achieve a seamless route to get maximum returns on your investment without going overboard with your budget outlay. This is how your marketing team can do it:


Rent the Necessary Services


When you plan to hire a booth space, several other necessities are required to be handled at the same time such as Wi-Fi connectivity, additional furniture, and electricity.

If you a first-time exhibitor, these essentials might be enough to get all your extra credits absorbed all easily.

We recommend you to hire these services instead of going to buying any additional commodities.



Use Marketing Campaigns to Expand Outreach


As you may well know, the entire medical industry works on the principle of credibility. If you haven’t yet attended any medical trade show event and a renowned name in the industry, use it to further your business interest.

Get your marketing team to work on various advertising campaigns featuring your best specialties and offerings, announce about your trade show presence.

This way, it will take a lot of lesser efforts to entice and capture the attention of your audience and prospects on the floor of the show.


2. Choose the Booth Space Wisely


Your trade show participation remains incomplete without choosing an apt booth space for showcasing your brand offerings. Believe it or not, it impacts your overall performance on the floor of the show significantly.

As a result, it becomes important for your team to reserve the right place based on certain specific trends to get maximum benefits out of your trade show participation. This is how your marketing team can do it:


Decide on the Space First


With regard to your budget and with careful assessment of the entire event space, choose the area that would enable you to fetch maximum attention from your targeted audience.

For consideration, you can decide on the basis of the event schedule that may include conferences, educational sessions by eminent doctors and pharma professionals.

Prefer to choose a space that is located at the nearest from these scheduled events to get the attention of your eminent prospects in bulk.



Select your Space Early


Reserving a space at the earliest opportunity is one of the sure-shot ways to land on a prime location on the floor of the event.

Imagine exhibiting at a neglected corner or space where most of the trade show audience might not event visit once.

To end this dilemma, simply register for early bird offers that would not only allow your team to find a scalable spot but it will increase your chances of scoring higher with your trade show participation.


Observe your Competition


Before locking on your booth space, take into consideration the location of all your competitors.

Being in closer proximity to the competitor brand could work in your benefits and your loss depending upon the brand’s market image.

Try to play safe here and consider choosing a space opposite or far from your primary competitive brands.



3. Focus on the Latest and Unique Offerings


If your brand caters to the product-based business, exhibiting at a medical trade show may just turn out to be the right platform for you to expand your brand outreach to far-reaching horizons.

Exhibiting at a trade show enables the visitors to get a real-time experience of your product offerings and calculate it as per their requirements.

In order to make the most out of this strategy, you need to follow certain steps to affirm the attention of your audience on the floor of the event. This is how your marketing team can do it:


Feature the unique benefits of your products with powerful content


At the trade show event, usually, the audience passes through the booths due to the lack of any impactful and captivating content display.

Your trade show audience needs to be properly taught about your product offerings to get an impactful result.

Guide your team to create the most unique presentations and display of your unique products that get hold the attention of your targeted audience in the first place.


Do Not Clutter your Booth


It is quite human to choose from a variety of options. However, in the case of the medical and pharma industry, what makes the difference is the display of an effective solution that has successfully resulted in far-reaching consequence without any major side-effects along with substantial experience.

A table crowded with multiple products might turn out to send negative signals to your attendees. Instead, focus on showcasing your top 2-3 unique and popular products that would generate a sense of inquisitiveness in your audiences to know more about the respective items.


4. Incorporate add-on features in your Booth


We believe that without an eye-catching, bold decor, it may become difficult for an exhibitor to catch the attention. It is very likely at your next medical trade show event that there are hundreds of brands showcasing their products and services, making every effort to leave behind the others.

With this strategy in mind, carry forward your marketing team to guide your booth manufacturer partner incorporate additional features that enable your team to get all the limelight.

You can enhance the visitors’ experience by incorporating certain add-on features. This is how your marketing team can do it:


Tech-Based Design


Be different, be unique and be proactive. Showcase innovative health solution on a large display for your audience to get a complete picture of your brand services.

With the inclusion of virtual reality and augmented reality to showcase the features and functionalities of your brand offerings, the chances of lead conversions become higher and better.


Free Giveaways


It is simple and effective at the same time. Whether it is writing equipment, or a key chain or even a letter pad stamped with your brand, it enables you to strengthen the memory of your brand image in the minds of your audience for a prolonged time.

Instead of applying this idea to your strategy, you can also provide a free medical checkup based on your industry specialty.

In addition to this, you can organize fun quizzes and games for your targeted prospects to generate interest in a better way.


5. Follow-up After The Event


With the conclusion of your trade show event and your team back with a bunch of leads, the road to reach your desired marketing goals starts from here. Many types of research have cited that almost 87% of trade show leads are never followed up, leading to transforming the trade show participation into an insignificant affair.

In order to achieve the main goal of your trade show participation – to generate business, it requires your team to proactively work towards following up with your prospective clients in a regular manner.

To manage it effectively, follow certain tricks to get the best leads converted within a short span of time. This is how your marketing team can do it:


Determine the Nature of your Leads


Identify the leads and your prospective clients on the basis of size and shape.

It could be a brand new prospect you found ours at the event or a prospect that was already in your sales pipeline that moved to the next step towards conversion.

What these leads have in common ins value. Make a follow-up plan on the basis of what type of lead would provide you more value.



Develop a Follow-up Track


Create a follow-up plan for all your leads based on the follow-up media and timeframes. Deploy e-mail marketing strategies, cover letters to enhance the entire process. Include the data in your CRM database to make the entire process fast and fruitful.

Choose the medical trade show event nearby your location and start with your preparations actively following all the above-mentioned things.

We also recommend you to hire an experienced trade show service provider company that effectively minimizes all your hassles related to your trade show booths.

Get set to conquer the healthcare industry with exhibiting your brand offerings at your next medical trade show event.