Explore Culinary Delights at Indianapolis’ Finest Restaurants


As Indiana’s largest city and state capital, Indianapolis has a great selection of restaurants and eateries. From fine dining to cafés and casual take-out, you’ll find a diverse range of food options in Indianapolis, with options to suit every taste and budget.

Below, we’ve listed some of the top restaurants in Indianapolis. Our list starts with the city’s fine dining options and high-end restaurants, before featuring a selection of affordable options for a quick bite to eat or a meal on-the-go.


Popular Casual Dining and Quick Bites in Indianapolis


Indianapolis is famous for its great steakhouses and grills, offering some of the best food in this part of the country. We’ve listed three of the city’s most popular high-end restaurants below, all of which offer outstanding food in unique settings.

Saint Elmo Steak House

Located on South Illinois Street, Saint Elmo Steak House is arguably the most famous steakhouse in the Indianapolis area. Ribeyes, filet mignon and other cuts of beef are the most popular dishes on the menu, while a variety of other grilled meats and poultry are also available.
Popular for birthdays, events and other celebrations, St. Elmo definitely isn’t cheap but offers a great level of quality for the price. As one of the most popular steakhouses in town, it’s a good idea to book ahead, as reservations are a necessity on most nights.

The Capital Grille

Another favorite for birthdays and events, The Capital Grille is an upmarket steakhouse located on West Washington St. The dishes here range from the typical selection of high-end steaks to an extensive variety of pork, poultry, and other meat dishes.
There’s also a great salad menu, a good selection of desserts and a diverse range of drinks to suit everyone’s taste. Like St. Elmo, it’s worth making a reservation if you’re visiting on a busy night, as the restaurant can fill up relatively quickly.

Oceanaire Seafood Room

Although seafood might not be the first type of cuisine that springs to mind when in Indianapolis, Oceanaire Seafood Room certainly knows a thing or two about creating dishes from the sea. This seafood restaurant serves a wide range of excellent dishes, from crab cakes to lobster tail and more.

Weber Grill Restaurant

Located in the downtown area of Indianapolis, Weber Grill Restaurant offers a great selection of steaks, seafood, gourmet burgers and classic bbq-style food. The burgers and grilled dishes here are great, as is the diverse selection of high-quality desserts. Typically known for their creation of high-quality BBQ grills and outdoor cooking supplies, they now have a restaurant that compliments their industry expertise.
In addition to mastering steaks, Weber Grill also offers sandwiches and a decent variety of other lunch and dinner dishes. A good choice if you’re in the mood for something filling and want to see the city as the patio overlooks the downtown area of the city.

Cheap and Simple Dining in Indianapolis

Indianapolis has a great selection of cheap and simple dining options, especially for lunch. Our list includes three favorites – a popular burger restaurant, a Cuban sandwich café, and one of the city’s most popular bakeries.

Taste of Havana

Located on Broad Ripple Ave, the Taste of Havana restaurant serves excellent Cuban sandwiches. The food here is extremely satisfying, making it a great place to stop for lunch, while the coffee is fresh, tasty and energizing.

Long’s Bakery

One of the most iconic bakeries in Indianapolis, Long’s Bakery is famous for its excellent donuts and cakes. You’ll find all of the traditional bakery goods here, from delicious fresh bread to pies, cookies and more.
The real stars of the show here are the donuts, which are some of the best in the city. Prices are very reasonable, as you’d expect for a classic bakery, making this a great place to stop if you feel like a satisfying glazed donut or two.