Brand Storytelling: Where Your Hero’s Journey Is Highlighted Across The Trade Show


Confused with the words “heroes’ journey”? Don’t be, because we aren’t talking about iron man creating his suit. As a marketer, our hero is our brand and its journey from a zero to hero needs to be mapped down, prepared and presented for each seeker who trusts in the right services.

This story of our hero starts from a point where he leaves his home to announce his presence, he keeps moving forward no matter what challenges comes his way, further, he struggles to make decisions and choose the right direction to lead his vision and eventually reaches out to us to ease our pain- just like our reliable brands.

Does this remind you of your brand’s journey?


You are a Hero- Embark upon your journey!


As a hero in your industry vertical, you aim to create a swift experience for your clientele because that’s the most crucial part of excelling and being exceptional.

What do we mean by a ‘hero leaving home’? Well, it’s the brand- your brand that needs to step up, speak out, let the people discover your presence, showcase your offering and eventually create a difference in not just the reach of your brand but amongst the life of your target audience- that makes you a true hero.

No matter how good you are, or the level of perfection you are putting in to scale up your brand value, until and unless your prospects know about it, it’s of no use and that’s exactly why a hero or the brand needs to leave home (no matter what) and start its journey of challenges, success and establishment.

Do you relate this to your brand? Are you creating value for your prospect? What industry type do you belong to?


Your Brand is the Hero of the Story at a Trade Show


Let’s consider for instance you are a healthcare brand and your ideal approach towards establishing a brand is to be the best in the class medical treatment to your patients.

Your brand philosophy and proposition, customer experience, the comfort of your prospects and infrastructural facilities support your brand’s augmentation.

“Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and you need to take that one step by letting your patients know that you are there for them, speak volumes about your hospital and establish the trust in them- ‘you exist because you care’.

But how do you state the fact when it comes to shifting the complete idea of augmenting your hero’s journey right to a trade show?

How do you sell your journey? It is important to have a major focus on the trade show to connect with your potential leads/prospects and enable them to connect with you. It works well in pushing your hero to mark his journey.


Highlighting the Journey of Our Hero


Ever been a Star Wars fan? If yes you must know that any heroic journey is not easy. It has a struggle, pain points, breakdowns, issues, and a villain to stop him in his endeavors.

Similar is the case of a brand, and even more difficult because this heroic story is not fictional- when its real, it’s even more serious!

Not to ignore the fact each segment of the journey illustrates the crucial pain points of your prospects making it easier to create an emotional connection.

When you showcase the determination to go beyond the ordinary and bring value to their prospect, that’s when your brand is in the right direction.

Considering a healthcare industry, what do you think can be a barrier in delivering the best to your prospects or your patients?

There are various pain points to consider, some are major, and the others are ignorable but as a whole, they stand as a barrier that stops your hero or your brand to move forward.

  • Are your doctors not available on time?
  • Does your hospital lack specialized facilities?
  • Do you lack behind in providing the world-class infrastructure?
  • Are you able to serve your patient at a faster turnaround time?
  • Do you think your hospital is standardized to provide budget services?

You need to be very specific with your services offered because you belong to a healthcare industry and probably a hospital. When customer service delivery is considered in a hospital, it’s not just about high-enriched customer satisfaction, in fact, it’s beyond pleasure.

It is about the urge to recover soon, be healthy again and get back to the normal life and you help them do so. Your prospects don’t just trust you, they believe in you for their lives because they consider you important in enduring their wellbeing.

If you, as a brand has been successful in evolving from your challenges and has created an evitable environment for all your patients, it’s time for you to outreach.

Guide your target audience towards your flawless services and warm environment that goes unmatched with any other fundamental of brand promotions.


Rising Above the Crisis


Once you are out to complete the journey, overcoming any challenges that may come your way is a sign of your visualizations taking a spotlight. But also, to keep in mind, stepping on one step makes the next step higher and hence you need to stick to your journey and be constant.

There may come various conflicts in your brands way, that can stop it from achieving or improving its competitive position. The uncalled issues, struggle to position the brand, losing your presence with the availability of substitutes, and struggle to leave a mark behind together work in accordance to uplift your hero/your brand.

The arc of improvement after going through decisive phases and crisis your hero might appear as the updated version of the heroic series. Not just you, but your prospects too are exposed to your offerings, your well-being and most importantly to your consistency.

Participating in a trade how as a healthcare hospital not just requires an area but brands emotion that seekers can connect to. There are two major aspects to consider while participating in a trade show as a hospital.

Firstly, you need to have new and original ideas when it comes to enhancing your brand, adding customized features ( according to your offerings ) or color coding it to make it visible to all the visitors, keeping goodies giveaway and eventually bringing life to it; on the other hand, your verbal efforts to  add credibility to your relationship building.

The way you speak to each of your customers, the way you portray your brand with your verbal flow, the warm gestures that you put in and the way you convince them, enables your prospects to feel welcomed and trusted; You can further mould your crisis into your benefit and attract each client that crosses your brands way by enhancing your communication potential.

As a hospital or any other industry where people connect emotionally, playing your communication card can result in amplified benefits while you sort their issues as by providing them your product as a solution and eventually adding feathers to your heroic display.


Today’s Trust Building Is Tomorrow’s Sale!


What according to you was the significance of comparing your brand as a hero? And how far has your brand moved forward in achieving the successful journey? Why do you think to relate the journey with the trade show goals is important?

With the series of questions to which the answers are limited, you need to realize your brand is not just a lead but a hero that overcomes his own situations, leaves the baggage behind and move forward to ease its prospects.

The importance of connecting its dots as a journey enables you to get into the psyche of your prospect and provide them relevant solutions with your products for them to achieve elixir. And finally, you can return home entitled to dig deeper into your brands reach clubbed with the sales.

If you participate in a trade show belonging to the healthcare sector, your decisive point or the elixir in the services too should lie behind letting the people know how important their health is to you.

You can speak a lot about your services. Arranging a power point in a visual form, choosing the best trade show booth design, keeping the decoration warm and welcoming, placing an automatic blood pressure checker and keep various healthcare equipment’s to impart its knowledge into the potential clients can attract crowd and provide solutions to their sufferings that eventually make you successful in your heroic journey.


The Hero’s Journey Facilitates A Successful Trade Show


By incorporating ‘Hero’s Journey’ concept in your messages to be delivered via trade show, you get into your prospects eternal fascination while keeping the storytelling concept intact.

By letting them know the insights of challenges your brand went through to bring out the best for them will initiate a strong emotional connect and trust in the brand that leads to the highest point of the brand building.