History of San Francisco


San Francisco is known as one of the largest natural harbors of the Pacific. Talking about influential history of USA, one cannot ignore the fact that San Francisco has had the most influence on the history of America. It was conquered by US in the year 1846 which was originally a Spanish mission and later a Mexican. In 1846, the army of prospectors discovered gold in the hinterland of San Francisco. It is rightly said that the Gold Rush made what San Francisco is today , a frontier edge and a cosmopolitan metropolis. Let’s look at a brief time line of events that surfaced the now globally acclaimed commercial capital of California.

San Francisco: Founding and History Account

During 16th century San Francisco was first inhabited by Yelumu tribe who spoke Ohlone language. Members of the Portola expedition were the first westerners to see the bay in the year 1769. Mexico had planned Mission San Francisco during the start of 1800 and almost 1000 neophytes were drawn from tribes to accomplish the takeover. After Mexico got independence from Spain, eventually the mission era came to an end. 1840’s witnessed many voices for independence in California. In the year 1946 , James B Montgomery a US navy captain waved the flag in Yerba Buena’s plaza upon declaration of ‘California Republic’.

Gold Rush Constituting San Francisco

Year 1847, Yerba Buena was renamed San Francisco and in the following year at Sutter’s fort California, first gold was discovered. The land soon witnessed an increase in the population from 1000 to 25000 the next year. The chaos resulted in a lawless city with dark history of illegal activities. Barbary coast district was full of gambling and prostitution. Six major fires broke in the city between 1849 and 1851. Thousands of laborer’s from China were brought in to built Central Pacific Railroad. Many labors were forced to leave the place due to the exclusionary policy by US resulting in the largest settlement of Chinese people in America.

To take care of the commutation in the steepest hills of San Francisco, network of cable cars were established. The Golden Gate Park was then constructed over 1000 acres  in the year 1887 right on the pacific side.

The Earthquake, World War II and Cold War

San Francisco was hit by a severe earthquake on April 18th, 1906 measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale. It practically destroyed the city, killing 3000 people and it also broke the water mains. The buildings collapsed and almost 2,50,000 people were without food and shelter. San Francisco successfully regained its strength and organized a lavish exposition called Panama international after nine years. 1930’s saw the construction of Bay Bridges and the Great Golden Gate, which is an icon of San Francisco.

During World War II, it became the main center for arms production. The Japanese residents were forced to leave their homes due to Pearl Habor incident and their vacant places were occupied by African-Americans who were working for the war industry. In the year 1945 San Francisco hosted the UN conference and played a key role for the coming age of Cold War. Soon the draft made by the UN came into effect in developing techniques for the nuclear era.

The Bohemian Culture Influence

The life of San Francisco attracted many artist, writers and poets to influence the culture of the place and its people. From Mark Twain to Haight-Ashbury hippie culture that was a rage in the late 1960’s, often famous as “Summer of Love”. San Francisco is known for its accepted and welcoming aura for people with different needs and desires. It was the first to welcome lesbians and gays with open arms. During 1980’s the city voiced against the homelessness of HIV infected people.

In the year 1989 another earthquake damaged several buildings, resulting in the lives of almost 67 people. Ten years later due to technological advancements and internet, the city invited many investors and entrepreneurs to join the economic threshold. The rise in population, opportunities is still an going process in the financial hub of California.

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