How to Design a Eco-Friendly Trade Show Booth?


There is a new trend sweeping the world. As the threat of climate change is growing closer to home, people all over are making a shift to green, renewable products. By going green, people and businesses alike are showing they want to make a change in the world.

By creating a green, eco-friendly booth rental you can show your clients, business partners, and audience that your business is dedicated to making a healthy change in the world.

Before you start designing your eco-friendly booth, you and your team will do research to decide which materials are both green and durable for construction.

There are a large variety of options, and your business does not have to sacrifice quality when going green. In the following article, we will go over your options for integrating eco-friendly materials into your tradeshow display design.


Being Aware of the Problem


People, businesses, and governments have started going green to make the earth a more sustainable environment. The act of creating non-renewable waste has put a burden on our world that, if not treated, will lead to its downfall.

Trade shows are a fleeting event. The companies who visit these shows do it only for a week or less. As a result, their trade show booths and documents are often treated as disposable. This, more times than not, leads to a lot of waste.

By choosing a green-friendly booth design, your company can make a statement that it wants to change the amount of waste generated by trade shows.


Making an Impression Without Affecting the Environment


When your company goes to various trade shows, it wants to leave a lasting impression in people’s minds. You want your trade show booth and your presentation to be flawless and well executed. This usually involves designing multiple displays that your business may use only once or twice.

However, it is possible to design displays that will not have a damaging impression on the environment.


Multi-Use Displays


If your business is planning to attend multiple shows, it gives you the opportunity to invest in multi-use displays. These are versatile booths that can be set up, taken apart, and transported to all the different events.

This may mean giving up some aspects of the display, but if it is well done, your trade show display can still be stunning. Better yet, it will mean less waste and be better for the environment.


Maintainable Resources


When sourcing materials to design your booth, your business has the option of using eco-friendly resources that will be both appealing and good for the earth. These materials will be everything your booth is made of, from the walls to the flooring and right down into the little details like lighting.

Green-friendly materials are ones that can be recycled or re-used and are produced without damaging the environment.




The majority of your booth is likely to be designed out of wood products. This gives your business the opportunity to use greed-friendly woods. When shopping for wood products, be sure to check the wood has the words “green” or “eco-friendly” in the description.

This may involve recycled products, naturally harvested wood products, or wood that has not been treated with harsh, earth-damaging chemical. Here is a list of some environmentally friendly types of wood that you can use to create your booth:

Bamboo – This wood offers a light, durable alternative to traditional woods. It is harvested in parts of Asia, where it grows rapidly. It comes in flooring and paneling variants.

Reclaimed Wood – This is a type of wood that has been recycled from wood that people have already used once. This means no one had to chop down any trees to create this wood product.

Salvaged Wood – This is a special type of wood. Instead of using trees that have been cut down, people harvested this material from trees that have fallen or died naturally.


Green-Friendly Flooring


Flooring is a large part of your trade show booth design. Your business wants to have attractive flooring that matches your booth’s overall appeals. Luckily, there is a large amount of eco-friendly flooring options to pick from.

Generally, a display booth will have wood flooring, so your options reflect that of the green-friendly woods. However, there are a few other options for your business to choose from.

Cork Flooring – Corkwood is harvested from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree. The tree is able to regrow this bark over time, so there is no danger to the tree. As a plus, cork wood is a spongy material, so standing on it for a long time is easier on the feet and back than normal wood.

Palm Wood – Many times, palm wood comes from palm trees that have stopped producing coconuts. These trees are then ethically harvested to make room for new saplings.

Linoleum – Unlike vinyl, this flooring is made from natural materials, including cork dust, oils, and wood flour. It comes in a wide variety of patterns and designs to fit your trade show booth design.

Glass Tiles – These tiles are made entirely of recycled glass. They are also sleek and elegant and sure to fit a variety of custom exhibit booth designs.


Eco-Friendly Lighting


As a child, your parents probably told you not to leave the lights on. The reason being is it’s a waste of electricity. In many places, this electricity comes from nuclear power plants or other earth damaging sources.

So, to make your trades show booth more green-friendly, your business should try to use as little electricity as possible. When it comes to lighting, you have a few choices:

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs – You may have recognized these bulbs in the past as they have an unmistakable swirling shape. They also use a fraction of electricity compared to traditional bulbs. You can get them in a variety of wattages and colors.

LED Bulbs – These light bulbs have been around for a while. They are popular because they put off bright, clean light and use around 80% less electricity than normal light bulbs. As an added bonus, they tend to last for 10 or more years.


Getting Your Message Out


Often times businesses will hand out paper documents, whether it is brochures, pamphlets, or business cards. In a lot of cases, people from the audience will dump these paper products into the trash. The more paper that goes to waste, the more it affects the state of the environment.

Companies who truly wish to go green will find ways of avoiding all of this paper waste. To show your audience you want to make a change, use alternative methods for delivering your message. In this technological era, there are many ways to do this.

As most people will have smartphones, you can design a digital alternative to paper documents. Ones that can be delivered to the audiences’ phones or computers. Better yet, these digital copies are far more likely to stick around than something that can be thrown into a waste bin.




Going green not only helps the environment, but it also shows your audience that your business is invested in protecting the earth. People, whether potential leads or fellow business partners, will respect your choice of designing an eco-friendly trade show booth. With a little research, you and your team can design a custom trade show booth that is attractive and environmentally safe.