Restaurants from the Top 50 List in Atlanta, Georgia

Here is a list of five great restaurants from the Top 50 List rated by Atlanta Magazine. These are only a hand -elected few to appeal to various palettes, however with the notable rating being published in a magazine for all locals and visitors to see must mean they are good.

1. Watershed on Peachtree

The portions look plentiful at the Watershed on Peachtree restaurant. What else would you expect from an upscale Southern food restaurant? This is one that takes known classics comparable to regional family recipes and simply makes them better. Southern food is practically a tradition to that region of the U.S. Chef’s pride is taken in dishes served here such as Chicken and Dumplings, or Brunswick’s Stew.
If you have never tried a traditional Southern food, this is the place to experience it.

2. The Staplehouse

A restaurant that takes everyday food staples and changes them into fine culinary art. Surprisingly, the Staplehouse also has fairly reasonable prices than what you may expect for a well-crafted dinner or lunch out. They use the simple farm to table ingredients that easily accommodate restricted diets or those who will maintain one for optimal health. Simple dishes combining only items such as bay scallops, walnuts, Satsuma and celery have be carefully crafted with flavor and cooking expertise.

3. Miller Union

Foodies will delight in the select food combinations found within the entrees served at Miller Union. One entrée on the dinner menu includes a chestnut, blue cheese, and chevre ravioli, with walnuts, shitake mushrooms, pears, and greens. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, there are many other entrees to choose from. All items on their menu have unique flavors artfully combined.

4. Revival

With dishes like Cornmeal fried catfish with horseradish sauce, you know you’re in the South. It could also be the carrot barley risotto with Parmesan cheese that the serve that is also a giveaway. However you dice it, they make the cut for regional favorites including the Lemon Icebox pie. Only in the South will you hear the word icebox instead of a refrigerator. That Southern charm served here is sure to please your palette “just right” or you can bet they will find a way to fulfill your appetite in one way or another just like a true Southern cook.

5. Heirloom Market BBQ

The birth of this restaurant came from a simple boy from Tennessee and a pop star from Korea; together they merged barbeque traditions to become a country favorite. A menu favorite at this establishment is the smoky pork sandwich with kimchi slaw. It shows the combined grilling traditions clearly demonstrated in their dishes served. Side dishes include pickled green tomatoes and cucumber radish salad, another great example of cultures coming together artfully and very palate pleasing.

When in Atlanta, Georgia it would serve you well to indulge in culinary classics of the region. Whether you choose healthier options that still incorporate some tradition or opt for a real classic Southern comfort food restaurant, there are many choices available that won’t let you down.