Your Guide to Utilizing Video


Why You Should Utilize Video?

At this point, is it safe to say that technology is a mainstay in trade show booth design? Well, the statistics sure seem to support it. One of the most accessible technologies to leverage also happens to be one of the most impactful: video.

Videos help you educate, inform, promote, and sell to your trade show audience. Video allows you to visually illustrate your brand and why people should care about it. If your video content is excellent, you have a chance at truly captivating your audience.


Crafting Your Video Message

Similar to how your marketing message should drive the design of your booth, your trade show goals should drive the design of your video. Here is a list of common trade show goals:

Brand or product awareness

Lead generation

Validating new product offerings

Earning industry credibility

Nurturing leads

Closing deals

With your goal(s) in mind, next consider the style of your video:



Motion design

The style of your video should always serve the message, not the other way around. Consider what your audience would like. Not all styles will be a good fit for all industries.


Types of Video

Next, consider what type of video you want to show your audience. Three of the most common types are explainer videos, brand videos, and testimonial videos.

Explainer video: This type of video is useful just about anywhere. It’s a short, high-octane explanation of what you do, why you matter, and how you’re different from the competition. This type of video can also be placed on your website, used in email campaigns, or as part of a sales presentation. Once produced, this type of video will be versatile and useful for a long time to come.

Brand video: This type of video presents you as a champion. It shows how you stand out. It gives truth rather than hype. It’s a video that tells a story that is clear, compelling, and authentic. Your origin story would be a great option here, as would brand awareness or even just focusing on your new, fresh message.

Testimonial video: Your brand surely has some flattering endorsements. Make them into compelling video content by turning them into a story for your audience. Social proof is powerful. When someone sees someone else with a similar problem that experiences success, they are much more likely to act.


Format of Video

Finally, consider the format of the video. Here are a few options to consider:

Looping video: From a small tablet in a kiosk to a giant video wall, a looping video can be very alluring. You can animate your branding, present your product in 3D, or send your audience to a different place. There are endless options here.

Quick pitch video: Educate your audience, regardless of your booth staff’s availability. This format of video can range from 30 seconds to over 2 minutes and often relies on visuals, voiceovers, and music.

Presentation video: Create a custom video that is paired and synced to a presentation. A visual companion makes any presentation much more dynamic and engaging.


How to Display Your Video?


 Video before the show: creating hype!

Your pre-show marketing efforts are crucial to driving traffic to your trade show booth come showtime. Craft an engaging video that invites people to your booth. Give them a reason to show up and visit you. Here are a few tips:

Tell what you will be doing at your booth Have a key demonstration or guest speaker? Present the key takeaway and generate intrigue.

Tell how to get in touch Should your prospects set up a meeting in advance? Perhaps you are hosting a pre-show party or networking event. Give all the enticing details.

Show off your team Either with real-life video or animation, build a personal connection. People like working with people.


Video during the show: attracting attendees!

Your in-booth video is a pitch that can be viewed from a casual distance. It can help draw in attendees. As mentioned above, your video can contain images, facts, storytelling, animation, etc.

After watching your video, an attendee should understand:

The problem your business solves

How their lives would be better without the problem

How your product or service solves the problem

With this known, they will be more willing to engage with booth staff.


Video after the show: following up!

Trade show attendees watch a ton of presentations and hear even more pitches. Send them a refresher with a video that reminds them of how they engaged with your brand at the show. After all, they provided you an email address because they liked your company! Continue them down your sales funnel but nurturing them with more content such as:

A webinar. Wrap up key lessons from the show and offer them additional resources that your marketing team might have available. Educate them but also give them a glimpse of the type of customer service they will experience by working with you.

Testimonials. Send a single powerful testimonial from the show or edit together a montage. This can be an incredibly convincing tactic. Show them a real person’s views rather than a standard advertisement.


Get in Touch

We hope this guide motivates you to start or continue to invest in producing video content for your pre-to-post show marketing strategy.

Video can truly be a valuable resource to satisfy trade show goals. If you have any success stories or advice to share with this community, please post in the comments section below!