Wondering why buy preowned 20×30 trade show exhibits?

We have a long list that could be convincing enough why you should really invest in a 20×30 used trade show booth but let us quickly take you through a few of them :

Cost-efficient option: Buying a new trade show booth is not convenient for all brands as some brands work on a tight budget and a tight budget calls for cost-cutting. But, why compromise on quality when you can invest in these creative pre-owned 20×30 trade show exhibits? Our preowned trade show booths are extremely well made and curated to make them feel as good as the new ones. You save more without compromising on the quality of the booth. With our pre-owned trade show exhibits you not just save big on total cost but also get a booth that is durable and looks fresh.

Saves Time: For brands that have just started reaching out to the audiences and participating in trade shows, a 20×30 used trade show booth is the best option. You don’t have to go through that lengthy process of briefing in detail to your exhibit house on how you want your trade show booth to be and then waiting for your booth to be constructed. Buying a used trade show booth from Exponents not only saves money but also saves time on designing and constructing the booth.

Environment-friendly booths: We know you care about the environment and we are with you. Our 20×30 used trade show booths are an environmentally friendly option to choose for your next trade show. Our trade show booths are completely recycled and worked upon to make them look and feel new. By buying a recycled trade show booth, you not only reduce the waste but also curb the harm it would cause otherwise.

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Why choose Exponents for pre-owned booths?

Exponents being one of the leading manufacturers in the US is their go-to exhibition booth provider for many brands because:

We provide high-quality booths: Even if you buy a 20×30 used trade show booth from Exponents, you never compromise on quality. We process all our preowned booths through several quality control measures and checks. Our team of R&D experts research the market and deliver booths that are solutions to the ongoing market demands. With Exponents, you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear of a preowned trade show exhibit as we polish, refurbish, and install our booths in a way that they are as good as new.

Customers are a Priority: After-sales support is one of the most essential aspects to maintaining a loyal customer base and we rightfully know that. So, we make sure to deliver several after-sales services to you. On request, we provide you with installation and dismantling services as we know that you may not be wanting to take up an added task for your ‘the-day’.

Wide range of designs to choose from: With our wide range of 1000+ preowned exhibits available, you get many design options to choose from and enhance it by customizing it a little. Although used, these exhibits are over-hauled to look completely new. We provide you with customization options and offer freshly printed graphics that fits well with your 20×30 used trade show booth. Exponents with its 30+ years of experience have built a variety of booths from small inline booths for tight cramped spaces to island booths for spacious zones.

Door-step Delivery: While you prepare for the big event, we make sure that everything is delivered to you on time. Leave the heavy lifting and delivery on us and focus on that presentation you made to impress the audience.

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Exponents have collaborated with over 500+ multinational brands and designed more than 1000 designs for them. Every design has unique USPs and is made to work for a variety of events. With over 3 decades of experience, we have learned to provide solutions to the demands of the markets. We have a dedicated research and development team that allows us to know the current market trends and design products to meet them. We always innovate with our trade show booth designs and deliver the most contemporary and operational booths to you.