Rent our 40×50 Trade Show Booth to take your Business to the next Level.


It’s time for the exhibition you have been planning to attend for over a year. You have meticulously planned everything you want to achieve. You have a great product and you just can’t wait to show the whole what you are bringing to the table.

Your team is hyped up to deliver a wonderful performance and you are all fired up. All this enthusiasm can easily go to waste if you don’t use the right trade show booth. At Exponents, we offer just the right trade show booth that is sure to take your business to the next level. If you want to rent 40×50 trade show booth, look no further.

Rent 40×50 Trade Show Booth and Smile to the Bank

Rent our 40×50 custom trade booth if you need a clever solution that makes an impact without drilling a hole in your pocket. Our rental solutions can be ordered from our inventory in no time. Our team takes the complete download of your brand values and customizes your chosen rental booth to your liking.

Rent 40X40 trade show booths to ensure your brand is adequately projected and your budget is under no serious strain. Another big advantage of rental booths is the zero liability it comes with. There is no worry on upkeep or logistics front as the exhibit house takes the onus.

Why Exponents?

Why should you use Exponents? We have been around for more than 3 decades and our clients vouch for our services. With 18000+ clients and 5000+ global projects to our credit, we have covered major tradeshows around the globe.

We know the secret to success at each one of them. Our expertise, our team, and our manufacturing facilities are way above industry benchmarks. If you are interested in top-notch quality that delivers stellar results, then Exponents is the right fit for you. Get in touch with us to rent 40×50 trade show booth.

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