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In the competitive trade show landscape of Texas, where countless exhibitors compete for attention, choosing the right trade show exhibit is crucial. It’s essential for maximizing your participation. Exponents, located in the heart of Texas, guides you through this complex environment with full-service trade show exhibits in Texas.

Our Dallas facility ensures fast booth delivery. By managing all aspects of booth construction in-house, we control the quality, cost, and timing of your trade show exhibit rentals in Texas.

Before the trade show, we assemble your booth rental at our facility to ensure it’s set up correctly ahead of time. This process checks the booth’s functionality and design. We also provide photos and videos, giving you a preview and confidence that your booth will stand out on event day.

We handle every detail, from design to installation to dismantling of your Texas trade show exhibit, allowing you to concentrate on the event.

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As your turnkey trade show exhibit company in Texas, we guarantee an effortless experience from start to finish.

700+ Customizable designs

Dive into our expansive selection of more than 700 trade show booth designs, each adaptable to align perfectly with your branding needs.

Turnkey solutions

Our all-encompassing solutions cover every aspect from design and build to logistics, setup, and dismantling, ensuring your trade show participation is seamless and worry-free.

Transparent pricing

Benefit from our straightforward pricing approach, designed to eliminate any unexpected costs or hidden charges for your trade show booth rental in Texas

Project management

Benefit from the expertise of our project managers who work hand-in-hand with your marketing team to navigate the journey from initial concept to final realization.

Swift turnaround time

Receive a detailed quote and a 3D trade show booth design in just four business days, helping you stay ahead in your trade show planning.

In-house facility

With our in-house facility in Texas, we provide end-to-end support, handling every detail internally to guarantee unmatched control over the quality, affordability, and scheduling of your trade show displays.

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From 10X20 booth rental to 30×30 custom exhibit rental, we do it all!

The Welcome

20x10 Trade Show Displays AT SSW Creative Industries Show 2024, Austin, TX


20x30 Trade Show Booths AT SXSW 2023, Austin, TX

3 Birds Marketing

20x20  Exhibit Booth Rental AT Nada 2023, Dallas, TX

VLK Architechts

20x20  Trade Show Booth Rental AT Tasa Midwinter Conference 2023, Austin, TX


20x30 Trade Show Booth at CediaExpo 2022, Dallas, Tx

Pulse Eight

10x20 Trade Show Exhibit at CediaExpo 2022, Dallas, Tx

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About Texas

Texas offers a vibrant and dynamic marketplace for exhibitors looking to showcase their products and services. With its booming economy and diverse population, the state presents unparalleled opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and connect with a wide array of audiences. From high-profile trade shows in cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin to specialized industry events throughout the state, Texas provides a fertile ground for networking, brand exposure, and market penetration. The state’s robust infrastructure, including state-of-the-art convention centers and logistical support, further enhances the exhibitor experience, ensuring events run smoothly and efficiently.

Moreover, Texas’s reputation as a hub for innovation and growth in sectors such as technology, energy, healthcare, and agriculture attracts professionals and industry leaders from across the globe, offering exhibitors a chance to engage with key decision-makers and influencers. The warm hospitality and inclusive culture of Texas also create a welcoming environment for businesses of all sizes, encouraging collaboration and partnership opportunities. By participating in Texas’s dynamic event landscape, exhibitors can leverage the state’s economic strength and diverse demographic to achieve their business objectives and carve out a significant presence in their respective industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

The timeline for constructing a trade show booth in Texas typically ranges from 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design. However, our efficient design process and local presence enable us to deliver more rapidly than the usual industry standards.
Included in our trade show booth rental services are comprehensive solutions that cover design, graphics production, delivery, installation, disassembly, and onsite management of the booth. This ensures a seamless and worry-free experience for our clients during the trade show.
To guarantee the quality of our trade show booths, we adhere to a 100% pre-build guarantee policy. This means we assemble each booth in our facility as it will be presented at the trade show, allowing us to fine-tune every aspect to ensure superior quality.

Things to consider while participating in a trade show in Texas

When planning your participation in Texas, adopting a strategic approach is crucial for an impactful and memorable presentation. Consider the following essential strategies:

  • Consider the accessibility of the venue for both exhibitors and attendees. Texas is a large state, so ensure the venue is centrally located or easily accessible via major highways or airports.
  • Understand the demographics of the local population and attendees. Texas has a diverse population with various cultural backgrounds and interests, so tailor your trade show booth rentals accordingly. marketing and products/services accordingly.
  • Texas experiences a range of climates depending on the region and time of year. Be prepared for potential weather fluctuations and consider how it might impact attendance or the logistics of transporting your materials.
  • Texas has its own unique culture and values. Be mindful of cultural sensitivities and norms when designing your trade show booth in Texas, marketing materials, and interacting with attendees.
  • Familiarize yourself with any local regulations or laws that may impact your trade show participation, such as permits, taxes, or industry-specific regulations.
  • While English is the predominant language spoken in Texas, consider whether there are any language preferences or considerations for your target audience, especially if you’re targeting specific communities or demographics.

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