Tell your story with custom exhibit designs for SHOT Show 2024


As SHOT Show 2024 gears up to set the stage where professional networks flourish, Exponents is your reliable partner in the world of trade show booth designs. At this event, we’ll turn your space into an interactive environment that showcases and tells your story with compelling visuals and design. We combine aesthetics with functionality, ensuring each element has a purpose.

Our use of LED walls and displays, available in various shapes and sizes, ensures that your exhibit rental isn’t just seen but experienced. These cutting-edge LED solutions are crafted to project vivid imagery and content, creating a dynamic visitor engagement.

Each exhibit design is crafted to align with the design and safety guidelines laid out by the event organizers. Fire-resistant materials ensure that while the booth captivates the audience’s attention, it also stands as a testament to safety.

With over 700 trade show booth designs and a team of expert designers, customization is our forte. We blend creativity with your specific requirements to create a booth that’s a brand experience. 

Reach out to us today at 800-639-1174 or drop us an email at to unlock the potential of your trade show booth in Las Vegas.

Trade show booth design ideas for SHOT Show 2024

Linear booths:

Our linear trade show booth rentals maximize space utilization and create an aesthetically pleasing environment. At the SHOT Show, where every inch of floor space is precious, these booths offer invaluable advantages to exhibitors. Their functional design elements create a seamless platform for exhibitors to interact effortlessly. 






Island booths –

Immerse yourself in an experience with our island booth designs that leave a mark at Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2023. Choose from our crafted island exhibit designs or collaborate with us to create a custom booth design that aligns perfectly with your goals. These booths are stand-alone displays, offering visibility from all angles and serving as a central attraction point for attendees.




Ready to Make Heads Turn at Your Next Show?

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Some of our happy clients!

If you decide to partner with us for the upcoming SHOT show, here are a few ways which we can help!

  • End-to-end support including designing, building, delivery, installation and dismantling.
  • 100% pre-built guarantee. You can see your trade show rental before the Shot Show and suggest changes, if any.
  • A project manager will ensure timely delivery and keep you informed about the status of your trade show booth.
  • Transparent and all-inclusive prices. We can share a quote within 5 working days. The price we quote is all-inclusive. You can rest assured that there will be no surprises.


Want to make a mark at SHOT 2024? Let’s make it happen.