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WEST 2024 is the West Coast’s premier platform for networking and exploring cutting-edge technologies in the naval and military sectors. Exponents, a leader in trade show booth design, offers a blend of creativity, precision, and expertise, ensuring exhibitors like you make a lasting impression at WEST 2024.

Graphics production at Exponents is of the highest quality standards, ensuring visual elements not only capture attention but also communicate brand narratives effectively. At WEST, where the military is the spotlight, our designs receive approvals from event organizers, a testament to quality and alignment with the show’s themes.

Our adherence to the event’s design ensures each booth is a seamless fit within the trade show landscape while maintaining its unique brand identity. With over 700 trade show booth designs in San Diego, exhibitors are spoilt for choice. Each design can be tailored to meet specific brand requirements.

A dedicated project manager is assigned when you choose a design. They facilitate seamless communication and ensure that your trade show booth rental is delivered on time, meeting the standards of excellence that Exponents is known for.

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Trade show booth design for WEST 2024

Linear booths:

Exponents’ linear booths are designed to maximize impact, offering exhibitors at WEST 2024 a platform to showcase their innovations effectively. These booths are characterized by our streamlined designs, offering efficient use of space while ensuring visual appeal. Customization is at the core, with each linear booth tailored to echo the brand’s value. Functionalities are blended, ensuring each trade show exhibit facilitates smooth interaction with attendees.




Island booths –

Island booths are centerpieces of the exhibition floor. For WEST 2024, our trade show exhibit designs promise an immersive experience, offering multidimensional views and interactive spaces. Every island booth is a reflection of the brand’s grandeur, designed to facilitate engagement and showcase products perfectly. Flexibility in design ensures that each island booth is a unique landscape, offering attendees a 360-degree view and interaction opportunity.




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Top booth designs for WEST 2024

Aerolase Medical

20'x20' CUSTOM Trade Show Booth Rental at ASLMS 2022, San Diego, CA,

Federal Realty

10'x20' Trade show BOOTH RENTAL at ICSC Western 2022, San Diego, California

Constellation Clearsight

20x20' BOOTH EXHIBITS AT Distributech 2023, San Diego,CA

Tejas Network Limited

20x30 Booth Rentals AT Distributech 2023, San Diego CA

LNTecc (L&T)

20x30 Booth Rentals AT Distributech 2023, San Diego CA

SWTCH Energy

20x20 Trade Show Booth Rentals AT Distributech 2023, San Diego CA


20x20 Booth Rentals AT SLAS 2023, San Diego CA

Blink DX

10x10 Trade Show Booths AT SLAS 2023, San Diego CA


10x20 Trade Show Booths AT SLAS 2023, San Diego CA

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About WEST 2024

WEST 2024, scheduled for February 13-15 at the San Diego Convention Center, marks its 34th iteration as a key naval conference and exposition co-hosted by AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute. The event is a significant gathering spot for military and industry leaders to exchange ideas, insights, and innovations.

An integral aspect of WEST is the chance for attendees to engage with Sea Service Chiefs, offering insights from the Chief of Naval Operations, the Marine Corps Commandant, and the Coast Guard Commandant. Three Engagement Theaters – Marine, General, and Information Warfare – will delve into key military and defense topics.

WEST is not merely a convergence of thoughts but a nexus for professionals responsible for crafting equipment, weapons, and technical systems. In a region with over 150,000 professionals from the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, the event offers engaging dialogues and collaborations.

Exhibitors at WEST 2024 find a reliable partner in Exponents, a company dedicated to ensuring that each trade show booth rental is a blend of form and function, meticulously crafted to meet both the aesthetic and structural expectations of this esteemed event.

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