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Do you want to make an impact at your next convention, conference or expo? Our trade show displays are the perfect tool for setting you apart from the crowd and generating as much buzz as possible in any event format. As specialists in custom trade show booths and displays, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses achieve great results from conventions, expos, and other events.

From startups to major brands, our team understands your business’s unique needs from a trade show display. We offer displays in a wide range of sizes, from compact options for 10′ booths to large displays suitable for 20′, 30′, and other booth sizes. From display design to printing, we can take care of every step in the process, letting you focus on preparing for your event while we put together an eye-catching, engaging, and highly effective display for your business.

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Why is Exponents the Right Choice for Renting Your Trade Show Booth?


700+ Customizable Booth Designs

We specialize in creating engaging trade show booth designs tailored to attract more visitors. Choose from our extensive catalog of over 700 custom trade show booth designs that effectively convey your message.

Swift Turnaround Time

Receive a comprehensive quote and a 3D booth design within just five business days! With a design finalized quickly, you get a head start on planning your show.

Turnkey Solutions

We manage everything – from design and construction to shipping, setup, and booth disassembly. We strive to make your experience stress-free and successful, saving you from all the hassles related to your booth and allowing you to focus on the show.

Transparent Pricing

Our booth rental pricing model is designed to provide clear and transparent information without any hidden charges. All the designs in our catalog are listed with respective prices, not leaving any room for ambiguity.

Project Management

We offer specialized project management capabilities to match your marketing team’s steps, from conceptualization to the culmination of your project. Depend on our experienced project managers for your trade show booth project.

In-house facility

Our facilities, conveniently located near major convention centers, offer seamless support that caters to your every need. Plus, doing everything in-house gives us complete control over the quality, price, and timelines of trade show booths in Austin.

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From 10X20 booth rental to 30×30 custom exhibit rental, we do it all!


20x40 Trade Show Booth Design AT Consensus Show 2024, Austin, Texas

GA Health

20x20 Trade Show Exhibit Rental AT DDW Show 2024, Washington

ZM Trucks

40x50 Trade Show Exhibit Rental AT ACT Expo Show 2024, Las Vegas, NV


20x20 Trade Show Booths AT Car Wash Show 2024, Nashville, TN


30x80 Trade Show Booth AT NPE Show 2024, Orlando, FL


20x20 Exhibit Booth Rental AT RSA Show 2024, San Francisco, CA


20x20 Trade Show Booths AT Nyscc Suppliers Show 2024, New York

Tag Aero

20x30 Trade Show Booth AT MRO Americas Show 2024, Chicago, IL


50x50 Trade Show Exhibit Rental AT GDC Show 2024, San Francisco, CA

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The benefits of convention booth displays

Convention booth displays are excellent resources to bring a dynamic and stylish feel to your events. People see visual first. With our unique and custom designs created to help your brand stand out above the rest, we can guarantee results. Your target audience will be attracted to your convention booth displays, and it will generate impressive leads too. We demonstrate our quality of service and the “client first” approach in everything we do. We take a consultative approach to business and help you meet your goals through appropriate solutions. With Exponents, you can expect nothing less than excellence.

We help you achieve your goals with exceptional convention booth displays

We know figuring out the right blend of design and technology in your convention booth displays can be a challenge. That is why we partner with you to sit and discuss what your goals are, the brand positioning you wish to achieve, and how our team can help you fit everything together.

Our well-designed convention displays act as an extension of your brand, which not only helps to attract audiences but also reinforces the brand image in the attendee’s mind. While sticking strictly to the brand guidelines, we aim to personify your brand image and help you to achieve your marketing goals.

Have an idea? We can help bring it to reality. Allow us to show why Exponents is the one that several brands chose to get results!

A Great Display is an Effective Exhibit

Your trade show display is the first part of your exhibit most attendees will see, making it vital that you strike the right tone and deliver the right message. In the crowded environment of a convention, conference, or expo, you have a short amount of time capturing the attendees’ attention. On average, convention attendees will only look at your exhibit for two to three seconds before deciding whether to engage with your staff. This makes an eye-catching, engaging display an essential component of any convention booth.

As specialists in exhibit design, we understand what goes into an effective display. From color and typefaces to messaging, lighting, and more, our team specializes in creating displays that stand out, attract attention, and generate results. We also understand the importance of designing and building a display that flawlessly matches your brand image, from tone to visibility. Basically, we balance form with function to give you an optimized convention booth display.

Our Displays Put Your Brand First

Do you have strict brand guidelines that you’d like to follow for your display? No problem. As specialists in display and exhibit booth design, we understand how important it is for your display not just to attract attention but also to present your brand in the right light.

When we design your convention display, we put your brand first. Our team works around the clock from your brief or concept, turning your objectives and ideas into a high-quality, engaging booth display that generates leads and potential business.

Throughout the process, we’ll keep you informed of your display design. Using 3D models and other technology, you can see how your display (and exhibit, as a whole) will look, all before it’s printed, assembled, and completed.

You’ll also be able to check that your display lives up to your expectations, providing direct feedback on the design, materials, and other important aspects of the display design and production process.

How to get the best out of your convention booth displays?

Once you know about our booth displays, let’s focus on how to make the most of your presence through engaging convention exhibit displays. Whether you want to launch a new product in the market or hold a conference, we always believe in going beyond the basic walls of a booth and thinking innovatively! Here are a few tips that will help you boost traffic at your booth.

 Interactive is the Key Element

Building a collaborative atmosphere in your booth is bound to attract visitors towards your brand. It is essential to look for ways to get people involved in every aspect, and you could do so by hosting contests, distributing giveaways, or conducting interactive demo sessions. This will enable the attendees in brand engagement and interact with your product; thus, leaving a good impression of your brand.

 Level up by Partnering with Brands 

One of the best ways to step up the marketing game of convention booths displays at huge conventions is by partnering with similar brands that have a bigger market reach than yours. But, remember that the brand you select for potential partnerships should seem sensible for your business. You could search for a brand with a larger social media presence. So, when they endorse their event online, your brand will also get a good reach.

 Incorporating Technology

One of the popular creative ideas for convention displays booths is to integrate technology into it. This technic works wonders to make your booth interactive. Virtual reality and augmented reality are powerful tools to woo your crowd. Besides that, there is beacon technology to attract attendees, and interactive touch screens that help make the user’s experience more immersive. Using VR tech to demonstrate product enables customers to connect closely with your product or service.

 Social Media Strategy

Social media is an influential market tool for entrepreneurs to promote their brand. This effective marketing tool can help you create buzz around your product or service as well as create awareness about your participation. You could run a campaign with event hashtag on social media that will lead your prospects to the convention display booth. For example, you could spread the word about offering some discounts or freebies for those visiting your booth on your social media platform. You could have a photo booth at your booth, which will provide social opportunities for user-generated content. You could also fix meetings at the convention through social media channels. This makes for more productive conversations and better time management at the show.

 Valuable Networking

Promoting networking opportunities at events holds great potentials to create engagement, your convention displays play a crucial role in such occasions. You can structure the convention or conference and invite industry experts in a way where your prospects get ample time to connect with the esteemed professionals. This important tactic will help in enticing people to attend your event, and at the same time, make it worthwhile.

These above tips help leverage your investment by creating something unique and engaging to make your event worth your time, effort, and money. So, wait no more for your convention booth display, get in touch with our team today!

Rent or Own Your Convention Exhibit

Are you taking part in a convention, conference, or expo multiple times of the year? Our displays are available both as part of purchased exhibits (which your business or organization owns) or as part of a rental convention exhibit. Depending on whether you have one Convention to participate or many you can opt for a rental option or an outright purchase. Either way, our team can guide you to find the most optimized option that saves you the cost and the hassle.

Renting your exhibit allows you to take part in any event at a lower cost, making it easier for your business to “test drive” an event before committing to it with a larger purchase.

Feel like upgrading from a rental exhibit to a complete purchase exhibit? We can add your existing custom display to your new exhibit, making it easier and more affordable for you to change from a rental exhibit into something entirely owned by your business or organization.

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