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Looking for a highly portable trade show exhibit for your business? Our portable and modular exhibits make transporting, customizing, and configuring your trade show presence a breeze, whether you’re part of a small business or a major enterprise.

Designed for flexibility, our modular exhibits make it easy to customize your trade show exhibit by adding and subtracting displays as required. From small events to major shows, it’s easy to expand or downsize your booth to suit any promotional environment.

All of our portable and modular exhibits are completely customizable, letting you turn your trade show modular display marketing vision into a reality. We offer rental trade show booths and portable or modular booths for sale, making it easy to choose the best option for your objectives and budget.

Conveniently located in San Diego and Orlando, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses, from top brands to “Mom & Pop” businesses, growth-focused startups, and more.

Would you like to learn more about our range of portable and modular exhibits? To learn more about our exhibit range, continue reading below. You can also contact us now to speak to our expert staff and/or request a quote for your trade show exhibit.

Custom Modular Exhibit Gallery

Explore our catalog of the custom modular booth and see how you can reuse them for different layouts and show formats. Our team of experienced designers has curated these designs that find application in a variety of industries and show formats.

BLU2030 003

Price: $73,684.00

Discounted Price: $55,263.00

BLU2020 001

Price : $53,027.00

Discounted Price : $39,771.00

BLU2030 017

Price:   $62,911.00

Discounted Price: $47,184.00

BLU2020 003

Price: $57,969.00

Discounted Price: $43,477.00

BLU2030 005

 Price : $64,530.00

Discounted Price : $48,399.00

BLU2020 002

 Price : $50,710.00

Discounted Price : $38,033.00

BLU2030 007

Price : $68,565.00

Discounted Price : $51,424.00

BLU2020 020

Price:  $60,819.00

Discounted Price: $ 45,615.00

BLU1020 003

Price: $32,546.00

Discounted Price: $ 24,410.00

BLU2020 021

Price : $67,612.00

Discounted Price : $50,709.00

BLU1020 002

Price:  $21,742.00

Discounted Price: $ 16,307.00

BLU2030 016

Price:    $70,322.00

Discounted Price: $52,742.00

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Benefits of modular trade show displays

Modular trade show booths have several advantages compared to custom built booths. As these displays are built for reconstruction, they give increased flexibility and ease of transport.

Modular Displays is packed within a compact shipping case, helping to keep storage costs low and with the lighter weight materials used to build these displays, you will also be able to save on labor and shipping costs.



Award Winning Modular Trade Show Displays, Exhibits and Booths with unmatched customer service

Exponents specializes in building custom modular displays, from smaller 10′ x 10′ inline displays to larger island exhibits.

Our many portable and modular trade show display models, including custom trade show accessories, high quality graphics are cost-effective solutions — and they look great!

Modular exhibits are best suited for exhibitors exhibiting in multiple shows with ifferent layouts – such as moving from 20×20 booth at one show, to a 10×10 or 20×30 exhibit at the next.

By using the same exhibit components in multiple configurations, you can save substantially on your trade show marketing budget.

Custom Fit

While modular trade show displays can be selected from a range of catalog designs, we can even custom make it for you. So the convenience of a modular trade show display does come at the cost of personalization.

We can help you showcase your brand in the most spectacular way with practical displays that wear your brand story. Our team of specialists will use our foreknowledge of the show to create a differentiated booth that leaves a lasting impression on every onlooker. And since it is all modular you can change the structure a few shows down the line to suit your changing brand needs.


Own or Rent Modular Trade Show Displays

If you are not looking at a long horizon, you can rent our modular trade show displays at fraction of a cost. We can assist you with the structure along with necessary accessories and peripherals like shelves and screens so you don’t have to go to multiple vendors. There is no better way to save! If you are unsure, let our experts guide you through the decision.

What Are Modular Exhibits?

Designed for flexibility and versatility, modular trade show exhibits are made of separate, modular components that combine to create a complete exhibit.

Because of their modular design, these trade show exhibits are easy to upsize, downsize and modify to suit any event. Whether you’re attending a small, local event or a huge trade show, you can easily customize your booth to suit your floor space and objectives.

As well as being easy to upsize and downsize, modular exhibits have flexible layouts that you can modify with ease. From creating more floor space to adding more displays, it’s quick and easy to tweak your exhibit’s design to suit your environment and objectives.

Like conventional trade show exhibits, modular/portable exhibits are available in a range of sizes, from compact 10’x10’ exhibits suitable for startups and small businesses to huge 30’ displays that are ideal for major brands.

As specialists in modular booth design, we’re here to help you use modular and portable trade show exhibits to your advantage. From design to construction, our team can manage every step of the process to help you attract attention and generate a positive ROI at your next trade show.

Ideal For Results-Focused Businesses

Do you take part in a lot of trade shows? Modular exhibits are perfect for businesses that take part in a wide range of events throughout the year, as their portable, lightweight design makes them easy to transport, set up, and customize.

Because modular exhibits are built for reconstruction, they’re quick and easy to set up in any event space. They’re also easy to transport, with convenient shipping cases that allow you to quickly and efficiently pack down, package, and store your exhibit between events.

Since modular exhibits can be reconfigured and reused for a variety of events, they’re also a great way to keep your event budget down. Instead of creating multiple booths, you can make adjustments to your exhibit layout on the fly, letting you tailor your booth to any event.

Add simple storage, a full range of customization options, and convenience into the mix and it becomes clear why so many results-focused businesses invest in a trade show display.

100% Ready to Customize

Do you have a custom exhibit design that you’d like to bring to life? From eye-catching graphics to a unique, welcoming booth layout, our experienced team can produce a modular exhibit that turns your vision into a reality.

All of our modular trade show exhibits are customizable, letting you add your brand identity and design concepts to any exhibit type. Our experienced team offers a full range of design services for modular and portable exhibits, making it easy to add your touch to every part of your booth.

As specialists in custom modular trade show exhibit design, we can manage every step of the process for you, from turning your brief into a unique, 3D-modeled exhibit design to producing your booth before the event.

Like all of our exhibits, our modular/portable exhibits are available for you to purchase and as rental exhibits for single events and occasions.

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