Custom Modular Trade Show Displays, Exhibits and Booths

If you are looking for an all-purpose display solution that adapts to different show requirements with relative easy, modular trade show displays will fit the bill. The structural blocks of a modular display are so flexible they can be configured in different sizes effortlessly. So while you hop from show to show you can carry the same design with small adjustments.

Let our experts help pair you with the perfect modular display  based on your requirements and maximize your small exhibit space. We offer purchase and rental options with unmatched customer service to ensure a great show experience whether it’s your first show or one of hundreds on your schedule

View some of our modular exhibit designs below.

  • trade show booth rentals las vegas
    Health grid
    400 Sqft modular trade show exhibit
  • portable displays for trade shows
    20x40 trade show modular booth
  • 20x20 rental booth @ AAPS, Orlando
    Piramal Healthcare
    20x20 innovative modular exhibit
  • 20x50 custom rental exhibit in Light fair International, San diego
    V tec exports
    20x50 modular exhibition booth
  • 10x20 trade show rental booth @ INTX, Boston
    10x20 rental modular trade show booth
  • 20x20 custom rental exhibit @ satellite show, washington
    20x20 Modular Display


Benefits of modular trade show displays

Modular trade show booths have several advantages compared to custom built booths. As these displays are built for reconstruction, they give increased flexibility and ease of transport.

Modular Displays is packed within a compact shipping case, helping to keep storage costs low and with the lighter weight materials used to build these displays, you will also be able to save on labour and shipping costs.

Award Winning Modular Trade Show Displays, Exhibits and Booths with unmatched customer service

Exponents specializes in building custom modular displays, from smaller 10′ x 10′ inline displays to larger island exhibits.

Our many portable and modular trade show display models, including custom trade show accessories, high quality graphics are cost-effective solutions — and they look great!

Modular exhibits
are best suited for exhibitors exhibiting in multiple shows with different layouts –
such as moving from 20×20 booth at one show, to a 10×10 or 20×30 exhibit at the next.

By using the same exhibit components in multiple configurations, you can save substantially on your trade show marketing budget.

Custom Fit

While modular trade show displays can be selected from a range of catalog designs,
we can even custom make it for you. So the convenience of a modular trade show display
does come at the cost of personalization.

We can help you showcase your brand in the most spectacular way with practical displays that wear your brand story. Our team of specialists will use our foreknowledge of the show to create a differentiated booth that leaves a lasting impression on every onlooker.

And since it is all modular you can change the structure few shows down the line to
suit your changing brand needs.

Own or Rent Modular Trade Show Displays

If you are not looking at a long horizon, you can rent our modular trade show displays
at fraction of a cost.

We can assist you with the structure along with necessary accessories and peripherals
like shelves and screens so you don’t have to go to multiple vendors. There is no
better way to save!If you are unsure, let our experts guide your through the decision.



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