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The fitness industry is always changing to meet the increasing desire for healthier lives and overall well-being. If you’re looking to stand out and succeed in IHRSA 2024, it is worth considering getting a trade show booth in Los Angeles from Exponents.

We’ve earned our reputation as a reliable partner for countless companies by consistently delivering trade show booth rentals that go above and beyond. When it comes to IHRSA 2024, our team is dedicated to collaborating closely with you to create a trade show exhibit that’s designed to capture the attention of your desired audience in the fitness industry.

We take care of everything, from setting up to dismantling your rental booth. We’ll safely transport it to and from our facility, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Our on-site team is there to address any issues in real time. With Exponents, you can focus on making a big impact while we handle all the details of your trade show exhibit in Los Angeles.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today at 800-639-1174 or send us an email at info@exponents.com. to guarantee your presence at IHRSA 2024 with our trade show exhibit rentals.

About IHRSA 2024

Mark your calendars for a must-attend event – the IHRSA Convention & Trade Show 2024, celebrated worldwide for its dynamic Trade Show. This event is a staple in the fitness and wellness industry and has garnered a well-deserved reputation for excellence. One of the event’s highlights is the trade show, where a diverse array of exhibitors like yourself from all corners of the globe participate in this event. You can showcase cutting-edge products and services that drive innovation in the industry.

Prepare to be motivated and enlightened by keynote speakers who are luminaries in their fields. Their insights and wisdom can inspire and guide you to new heights in your fitness and wellness endeavors. Additionally, the IHRSA Convention & Trade Show 2024 offers a wealth of educational sessions led by industry trailblazers. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, providing valuable knowledge and strategies to help you succeed in your fitness-related ventures.

Don’t forget to mark the dates for March 6-8 in the lively city of Los Angeles. If you’re part of the fitness and wellness industry, this event is an absolute must-attend. For an added bonus, consider getting a trade show exhibit rental in Los Angeles from Exponents to truly make a standout impression and shine.

Why is Exponents the right partner for your IHRSA exhibit rentals?

Here’s why teaming up with us results in a trade show display that grabs everyone’s attention and becomes the standout attraction of the event

700+ customizable booth designs

Discover a wide selection of more than 700 trade show booth designs, each ready to be customized to reflect your brand

Swift turnaround time

In just five business days, we will provide you with a comprehensive quote and a carefully crafted 3D booth design.

Turnkey solutions

Simplify your exhibit journey by choosing us as your comprehensive partner. From design and construction to shipping, installation, and dismantling – every stage is seamlessly executed, all under a single roof.

Transparent pricing

Manage your budget effortlessly with our transparent pricing – no hidden fees – just clear costs that match your budgetary expectations perfectly.

Dedicated project management

Our dedicated project managers ensure that your IHRSA exhibit unfolds exactly as you envisioned, from graphics to on-site coordination.

In-house facilities

Having a facility based in California puts us in close proximity, allowing us to offer seamless and hassle-free support for the IHRSA 2024 event.

Reserve your booth, and leave the rest to us!

Choosing the perfect trade show booth design is now a breeze!

Pick from our wide range of pre-designed booths that you can customize to fit your requirements in just 3 clicks!

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From a 4’x4’ pod to over 3000 sq. ft. trade show booth design and rental. we do it all!

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10x20 Trade Show Exhibit Rental AT IFPA's The Global Produce & Floral show 2023, Anaheim, CA


20x20 Trade Show Exhibit AT IFPA's The Global Produce & Floral show 2023, Anaheim, CA

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