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Taking place from Apr 06 – 10, 2024 at the Austin, Texas, USA,  UltraCon 2024 is an unparalleled platform for exhibitors in the field of medical ultrasound, bringing together a diverse mix of professionals, from seasoned clinicians and sonographers to industry leaders and newcomers to medical imaging. With a rich legacy spanning over 40 years, Exponents is your go-to expert for crafting impactful and stylish yet functional trade show booth rentals. Our dedication lies in crafting custom exhibit rentals that are thoughtfully designed to align with your specific needs. We emphasize personalized service, tailored specifically to your requirements, and steer clear of generic, universal solutions.

Our streamlined approach ensures you can focus on engaging with attendees, as we handle all the logistical details. Within a mere five business days, you’ll receive both a 3D model of your booth and a detailed quote, showcasing our commitment to rapid delivery and an unwavering focus on client satisfaction. We oversee every aspect of your trade show experience, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free process. Our comprehensive services include the creation of your custom trade show exhibit rental and managing its installation and dismantling. For a personalized consultation on your needs, contact us at 800-639-1174 or send an email to .

About Ultracon 2024

UltraCon 2024 is a dynamic gathering where leaders and practitioners from all areas of medical ultrasound converge to celebrate and delve into the latest innovations in the field. As an exhibitor, you’ll be at the heart of this exciting event, engaging with a wide spectrum of professionals, from seasoned clinicians and sonographers to up-and-coming individuals in medical imaging.

This is a prime opportunity for your organization to showcase cutting-edge developments in ultrasound technology and practices. You’ll be networking with key influencers and decision-makers, expanding your professional connections with those leading ultrasound research and applications. Your participation also allows you to absorb invaluable insights from experts in varied fields, ranging from AI integration to clinical applications and educational methods in ultrasound. Being part of UltraCon 2024, hosted by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM), aligns your brand with a commitment to the highest standards in ultrasound practice and patient care improvement.

The AIUM, with its global membership exceeding 8,000, is a testament to the far-reaching impact and importance of this field. Your presence at UltraCon 2024 is not just about exhibiting; it’s about actively contributing to and shaping the future of ultrasound in medicine.

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Explore over 700 unique booth designs in our collection, each expertly crafted to deliver your specific message and captivate your audience.

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From conceptualization to construction, and from transport to teardown, we provide full-service solutions for your booth needs. We’ve got every step covered.

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We ensure our booth rental pricing is clear and straightforward, with no hidden fees, for complete transparency.

Project management

Our skilled project managers will guide you through the process, offering their expertise for your booth rental in Austin.

In-house facility

Our facility in east cost 📍 and west cost 📍 is conveniently located near the event venue, ensuring prompt and effective support for all your requirements.

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