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When: November 14–19, 2024, Where: Washington, D.C.

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Custom Trade Show Booth Rentals ACR/ARHP

The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) in association with The Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals (ARHP), a division of the ACR; is hosting its 2024 Annual Meeting on November 14–19, 2024 at Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. There are more than 100 rheumatic diseases and with the world population of older citizens growing by the day, rheumatology is gaining worldwide attention and prominence. This Annual Meeting is the premier educational rheumatology meetings in the world, aimed to equip rheumatology health professionals with the tools to provide quality care for patients with arthritis and rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. –

As an exhibitor, the Annual Meeting will give you access to over 16,000 rheumatology healthcare professionals from around the world, providing you with the ideal environment to showcase your products and build vital relationships within the field of rheumatology. By exhibiting at the venue, you will have the opportunity to build awareness and capture leads. But you need to plan ahead of time.

We can help you prepare well. Our 30 years of expertise has help exhibitors get the right solution for every need. Our custom trade show rental booth is a winning solution. It helps project your brand in the right light. Every booth element is customized to suit your brand’s identity. There is no better way to create an impact!

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Design, procurement, erection, and fabrication of your custom show booth, and then taking care of the logistics in transportation and installation, can be an expensive exercise. It is wasteful expenditure in terms of resources and productive man-hours of your team.  Rental Washington Trade Show Booth which can be customized according to your specifications provides the most cost-effective solution and great value for money. Get in touch with our expert design team, to articulate your vision of your company customized rental trade show booth Walter E. Washington Convention Center Our expert team comes out with exquisite solutions to create a show booth that truly reflects your company, products and brand image.

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