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The IDEA World 2024 is a pivotal gathering in the fitness industry, providing exhibitors like you with an exceptional opportunity to showcase your innovations to over 10,000 attendees. With over forty years of experience, we are committed to ensuring your Los Angeles trade show booth rental at the IDEA World stands out. Our turnkey services cover every aspect of your trade show booth, from graphic printing and construction to logistics and on-site support. Our in-house facility is strategically located in San Diego, California, which means we are well-equipped to provide swift and effective support for your show presence.

We also offer an unparalleled advantage with our 100% pre-building service. This means we construct your trade show exhibit in Los Angeles in advance at our in-house facility. This is to check if everything related to your booth is in perfect condition. To give you complete confidence, we’ll send you detailed photos and videos before the event. For a customized quote and more details on how we can assist in making your trade show booth rental at the IDEA World 2024 impactful, please reach out to us at 800-639-1174 or .

About IDEA World Convention 2024

The IDEA World 2024 is happening at the Los Angeles Convention Center, from July 10 to 14, 2024. It stands as a crucial event for exhibitors in the health and fitness industry. This significant gathering provides an exceptional platform for showcasing your latest innovations to a global audience of over 10,000 fitness professionals, business owners, and wellness enthusiasts. Renowned for its focus on inspiring fitness and wellness worldwide, the convention offers unparalleled opportunities for you to amplify your brand presence and unveil new products or services to an engaged and targeted demographic.

The extensive attendee base, comprising personal trainers, group fitness instructors, wellness coaches, and gym owners, ensures that you connect with key industry players, fostering opportunities for business expansion and collaboration. 

IDEA World 2024 is celebrated not only for its trade show space but also for its commitment to delivering top-tier education, insights into the latest market trends, and ample networking opportunities, enabling you to stay ahead of industry developments and consumer expectations. Participation in this four-day event further benefits you through access to IDEA’s vast community and resources, including Fitness Connect, the industry’s largest professional directory. 

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