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When: September 9–12, 2024   Where: Las Vegas, NV

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The Oracle Code One scheduled to be held from September 9–12, 2024 in Las Vegas is the assembly of ace corporate executive, DevOps experts and coders in the domains of application development and coding in the United States of America.

Powered by Intel, IBM, Atlassian, Microsoft, Red Hat, Couch Base and Light Bend, the conference brings together the biggest brands and globally recognized veteran DevOps professionals on the same platform for dialogue, deliberations and demonstrations of new age developments in applications development.

The agenda to be pursued during the conference includes tracks of core Java platform, Java and devices, Java development tools, Java development for cloud and server-less systems, leveraging Java for data and emerging languages for applications development.

With keynote address sessions from industry veterans of coding, power launches of new products and demos of concept products and emerging technologies, and extensive opportunities to interact, network and learn from communities of peers and colleagues in the Java coding domain, Oracle Code One

2023 is the ultimate trade show event for coding enthusiasts and software applications development enterprises to attend this year.


Exponents lends trade show project marketing support to exhibiting brands at the Oracle Code One 2024 event to enable them showcase existing and emerging paradigms in software applications development with brand themed and customized trade show booth rentals and exhibits with simplicity and sophistication. Exponents’ teams of in-house trade show booth designers offer flexible and brand centric trade show booth rentals to redefine visitor communication and engagements, streamline brand messaging and convey the unique selling point of services on offer. Exhibitors get access to a full suite of on ground support services for the construction, installation, on site supervision, dismantling and drayage of the trade show booth rentals.


Earn the best return on investment from participation in trade show events by deploying reusable and budget friendly trade show booth rentals of flexible sizes to save costs across the trade show marketing calendar. Convey brand properties to the visitors with precision targeted visual display marketing by deploying best in quality trade show booth rentals. Break free of resource and time engagements for trade show booth at Las Vegas with on ground support for all stages from deployment to drayage.

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