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When: September 10-12, 2024   Where:LAS VEGAS, NV

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40x40 Trade Show Booth Rental AT Adobe Summit Show 2024, Las Vegas

SAP Insider

20x20 Trade Show Booth Rental AT SAP Insider Show 2024, Las Vegas

Megna Board

20x30 Trade Show Booth Rental AT NAHB IBS Show 2024, Las Vegas

Website Closers

10x20 Trade Show Booth Displays AT Prosper Show 2024, Las Vegas

Privacy 4 Cars

10x20 Trade Show Exhibit AT Nada show 2024, Las Vegas


10x20 Custom Trade Show Booth AT CES show 2024, Las Vegas

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Custom Turnkey Trade show Booth Rental at SGIA Expo

SGIA Expo 2024 gives you the power to get connected with the world of screen printing. Having embraced the digital revolution early on, SGIA is now the trade association of choice for professionals in the packaging, electronics, textiles, garments and commercial printing communities who want to expand their business into new segments. You can meet your target audience based at their yearly expo by using eye-catching custom built tradeshow booths.

SGIA Expo 2024 will take place from October 18th to 20th, 2024 at Las Vegas, NV. This expo brings together some of the most influential players of the printing industry, a majority of whom have purchasing power. Leading imaging professionals from industry sectors like sign making, digital imaging, etc. come together here in search of products, methodologies and innovative applications such as your own. Show them what you are made of through innovative customized tradeshow booths.

Getting the attention of high profile screen printing professionals is now possible through bold custom built trade show booths. Get the booth that will highlight your brand, while making you one of the most sought-after exhibitors on the floor. You can have your display reflect the themes of your brand through customized graphics that will include your logo on every surface of the display. This makes for some great brand advertising opportunities.

Trade Show Booth Rental at SGIA Expo 2024: Set up in style

Exhibitors who like to try out experience before buying the entire package can go in for a rental display. These custom trade show booth rentals let you experience all the grandeur of a brand new exhibit while being based off a temporary display. Thanks to this, you get the best of both worlds, which is an ideal situation for exhibitors who are flying in for the expo.

Custom tradeshow booth rentals in Las Vegas are built from refurbished booths that are then customized using graphics and logos from your business. They can still be made into the shape of the space you are renting out and prove to be a much lower investment with good returns, especially since you minimize on shipping and storage costs.

Come check out the wide variety of custom tradeshow rental booths that we have already created for our customers. We invite you to partner with us for a successful SGIA Expo 2024.

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