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When: September 26-29, 2024  Where: Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld®️, Orlando

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Society For Urologic Nurses And Associates Conference

The SUNA Conference scheduled to be held from September 26-29, 2024 in Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld®️, Orlando meets this year with a large scale assembly of urologic nurses and associates with the unison of purpose to redefine excellence in the domain of urologic health care and continuing education. An initiative of the Society for Urologic Nurses and Associates, the conference and marketplace event aims to bring together communities of nurses, medical staff, health care professionals, hospital managers and patient care delivery experts for an all-inclusive round of dialogue demonstration and discussion on recent advances in emerging and existing clinical practice. With 500 attendees and 100 exhibitors, the SUNA Conference 2024 unlocks avenues for access to top quality education programs, networking opportunities and showcasing of brand excellence in the delivery and management of patient care.


Exponents Lend Trade Show Project Marketing Support To Exhibitors


With an award-winning suite of full trade show project marketing services encompassing consulting, custom trade show booth design, trade show rental booth construction and on ground support services all along the trade show and beyond, Exponents lends its expertise and experience to SUNA 2024 exhibitors to augment brand messaging and visitor experience. Working on in-house trade show booth manufacturing technology, the Exponents’ teams of ace designers offer customized trade show booth designs that convey brand value propositions to the visitors at a glance. Exhibitors get access to a dedicated team of personnel for on-ground support services spanning across all stages of trade show booth management from installation, on-site supervision, dismantling and drayage to warehousing at high maintenance storage depots.


Achieve Trade Show Marketing Goals With Exponents Trade Show Rental Booths


Achieve trade show marketing goals of brand awareness, lead generation and relationship building engagements with existing clientele by deploying turnkey trade show rental booths from Exponents that are reusable and budget friendly. Deploy a dedicated team of ace designers to get a customized trade show booth design to give exposure to the brand value proposition and reach out brand offerings to visitors at the trade show. Save recurring costs, resources and time engagements by hiring a dedicated team of Exponents’ staff to handle trade show booth management on site. Leverage high maintenance warehouses to store trade show rental booths at Orlando for redeployment across events in the trade show marketing calendar.