I Need a Trade Show Booth. How Much Does It Cost

I Need a Trade Show Booth. How Much Does It Cost

I Need a Trade Show Booth. How Much Does It Cost?


The cost for an average trade show booth will vary based on the design you use (custom or turnkey) the materials you choose and even the shipping methods required. Understanding all of the components that go into determining cost allows you to determine which areas you should invest in and which you can economize on. The following factors influence the cost of your new trade show booth:

Materials Used

The more high end, flashy materials you choose for your booth, the higher the finished cost will be. Choosing to use specialty materials as accents can save you a considerable amount of money on your booth without making any sacrifices in the way your space looks or performs.


A booth designer can help you trim your costs on a custom booth, simply by being aware of all of the factors that could boost your final expenses. If a custom design is out of reach, then a turnkey trade show exhibits allow you to make a great impression without going overboard on costs.


It’s tempting to go overboard, but every bit of tech you include in your booth will add to your costs. You’ll need to purchase the hardware and software to make the booth run properly and some pieces can look outdated pretty quickly. Technology makes a splash at shows, but be aware of the true cost to startup and the likelihood of replacement costs in the future.

Shipping and Installation

Every time you take your booth to a show, you’ll have to ship it, unpack it, set it up (or pay onsite labor to do so), pack it up and ship it home. If you choose non-standard sizes or fragile, easily damaged materials, the shipping and installation process can increase your costs. Thinking about how you’ll get your trade show booth where it needs to go and what you’ll have to pay to get it there ensures you get an accurate idea of that booth’s cost.

Relevance and Durability

If you have to buy a new booth setup every time you attend a trade show, your costs will obviously be high every year. While most people do not plan to buy a whole new booth every year, if you do not invest enough into the design and structure of your booth, you could end up paying more in the long run. Designs that capitalize on flash in the pan trends look dated pretty quickly, so choosing a classic style that truly represents your brand allows you to get more use from your booth, lowering your cost per show. Trying to DIY or cutting corners on construction can cost you in the long run as well, since you’ll constantly be fixing up or replacing components.

Rent Before You Buy

Exhibit rentals allow you to experience all of the thrill of exhibiting without investing in your own booth first. You can get an idea of what features you like best and what you want in your own booth by renting a setup for your first show, then creating a wishlist of items you want to include in your own booth.

Think about not only the upfront costs to your booth but what it will cost you to bring to shows long term and you’ll have a better idea of its true cost.





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