In April 2022, we inaugurated a state-of-the-art 10,000 sq.ft. warehouse in Las Vegas in April 2022. With already fully functioning facilities in San Diego and Orlando, the third one will expand our capabilities further. The warehouse is just a few miles away from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Equipped with all the latest equipment and high-quality printing technologies, the warehouse can build a variety of booths ranging from 200 sq.ft small linear booths to 1000 sq.ft large island booths. Starting with an average of ten booths per month, six months later, the production capacity has scaled to 20+ booths per month.

We have designed booths of varying sizes for 50+ clients in top trade shows like NWCDC and Money 2020. It has been possible due to avant-garde technology that allows us to tailor and execute custom booths suited to specific business goals.

Our team is well-versed in designing award-winning booths. We can ensure total quality control with in-house booth building and graphic printing. Each booth is pre-built at the warehouse and clients can visit to check their booth before the show.

We construct our booths using only the highest quality materials that can withstand repeated use at trade shows. For each client, we assign a project manager who walks them through every step of the trade show building, from creating a timeline to bringing their vision to life at the trade show.

About Exponents

Exponents, established in 1979, provides turnkey trade show booth solutions with innovative booth designs, sturdy construction, and stress-free delivery, along with complete installation and dismantling of trade show booths. End-to-end project management, transparent pricing, and 100% pre-built promise create a seamless exhibiting experience, making us the preferred booth building partners.