CEDIA EXPO 2022 – Highlights


CEDIA Expo 2022, a magnificent 3-day event took place between 29th September to 1st October 2022 gathering 500 exhibitors and more than 20000 visitors. 

Well-known companies in the PropTech industry exhibited their breakthrough products. Pulse-Eight, AirZone, and Lithe Audio were among them. Exponents designed and built fantastic booths that aligned with their business philosophy and sparked audience engagement. We took care of all booth-related activities such as booth designing, manufacturing, shipping to location, booth setup & teardown, booth management, and reverse logistics post-trade show.

Pulse-Eight exhibited with an attractive yet efficient in-line booth customized to match their company’s persona. Airzone hosted a magnificent island booth, a perfect blend of creativity and technology, smartly designed to entertain and educate the maximum crowd. Lithe Audio participated with a beautiful in-line booth with a minimalistic and sleek design. The booths stood with their organic contours, contemporary workstations, attractive product displays and meeting areas.


CEDIA Expo is a biennial event; the last expo occurred virtually in 2020. Organized by Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, the CEDIA Expo 2022 offered plenty of opportunities for networking, CEDIA training, brand exposure, and product launches in the PropTech industry.