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Are you looking for custom trade show booths in Los Angeles for your next event? No need to keep looking any longer! Exponents, an outstanding exhibit services provider in Los Angeles, ensures a flawless trade show booth experience for exhibitors like you. 

You can entrust us to handle all the aspects of your trade show exhibit in Los Angeles

We take care of booth design, setup, graphics printing, logistics, installation and dismantling, show support, and everything related to your booth. Plus, with everything handled by the in-house team at our California-based facility, we are able to maintain tight control over every facet of your trade exhibit display in Los Angeles.

Enjoy peace of mind with our transparent pricing policy, eliminating post-show surprise charges and ensuring you feel secure about your investment. 

An additional degree of certainty is provided by our pre-build service, where we pre-construct the entire booth in our facility and share photos and videos with you. It enables you to examine and approve your display well before the event, guaranteeing that it is built exactly as you want. 

To make your trade show experience as hassle-free as possible, our committed project management team oversees every aspect of your booth’s coordination, including obtaining the necessary approvals from the show organizers.

If you want to learn more about our trade show rentals in Los Angeles, call us at 800-639-1174or write to us

Exhibiting in Los Angeles? We can help with your trade show booth.

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Peace-of-mind booth builds
End-to-end project management
No-sweat delivery and installation

Why is Exponents the right choice for renting your custom trade show booths in Los Angeles?

We’ve got you covered every step of the way to ensure your experience is smooth and stress-free.


700+ Customizable booth designs

Take your pick from our collection of over 700 trade show booth designs, each can be crafted to grab attention and make your message stand out.

Pre-building test

Once your booth is constructed and everything is ready we do a dry-run of your booth before we ship it to you. We pre-build your booth at our manufacturing facility and let you see through photos or videos that we have constructed the booth exactly how you wanted.

Transparent pricing

No hidden fees – our straightforward pricing includes a clear price tag for each design in ou

Swift turnaround time

Receive a detailed quote and a 3D booth design within four business days, allowing you to plan your show well in advance.

Turnkey solutions

We manage everything from design and construction to shipping, setup, and booth takedown, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

In-House facility

With a California-based facility📍, we are able to provide prompt and quick service for your Los Angeles trade show exhibit.

Check out some of our work!

From 2000 sqft custom rental booth to 200 sqft modular rental booth, we do it all!


20x20 Trade Show Booth Displays AT NRF Show 2024, New York


10x10 Trade Show Booths Ideas AT NRF show 2024, New York

Order Grid

10x10 Trade Show Booths AT NRF show 2024, New York


20x60 Modular Exhibition Display AT CES Show 2024, Las Vegas


20x20 Trade Show Booth Rental AT Intersolar North America Show 2024, San Diego, CA


20x20 Trade Show Exhibit AT IFPA's The Global Produce & Floral show 2023, Anaheim, CA

Some of our happy clients!

What type of rental trade show booths can we provide for your Los Angeles trade show?

Linear Booths: Our linear trade show booth designs are cleverly designed to best utilize the available area while guaranteeing  interaction. We work with you to blend stylish furniture, fascinating lighting, and the ideal color scheme into a small space to create an impactful linear booth consistent with your brand.

Island  Booths: Our island trade show booths maximize space, promote movement, and transport viewers on an exhilarating voyage with a 360-degree view and interactive aspects. With our island trade show exhibit designs, which range from 20×20 to roomy 50×50 booths, you can illustrate your brand’s narrative.

About Los Angeles

L.A., the largest city in California, sits cool and casual along the Pacific Coast. Palm trees sway, and the beach beckons, setting the scene for a vibe uniquely L.A. Amidst the sprawling urban landscape, Hollywood culture takes center stage, and popular music beats resonate through the streets.

But there’s more to L.A. than meets the eye. The city’s not just a cultural hub; it’s a global player in business, too. Hosting many trade shows, L.A. draws professionals from various industries, making it a hotspot for business and commerce. With its energetic spirit, L.A. offers a dynamic setting for trade shows, where connections are forged and innovations take center stage.

In this bustling city, trade shows thrive, connecting businesses and ideas in a vibrant marketplace. The City of Angels entertains and provides a platform for companies to showcase their products and services globally. 

Our team at Exponents is dedicated to supporting your brand every step of the way, ensuring that your trade show booth rental stands out and aligns perfectly with your vision.

Things to Consider for Your Trade Show Exhibits in Los Angeles

  1. Account for diverse weather, provide climate-controlled elements and offer appropriate attire for Los Angeles’s varying conditions.
  2. Create vibrant promotional materials that resonate with L.A.’s dynamic business environment.
  3. L.A.C.C. is conveniently located in downtown Los Angeles, accessible via major highways. Plan for parking options in advance.
  4. Consider using the Metro Rail system, with the Pico Station near LACC.
  5. Taxis and rideshare services in Los Angeles can drop you off at the convention center.

Connect with Exponents to get a seamless trade show experience

When you choose Exponents to partner you get a value proposition that stretches beyond the design, build and delivery of your trade show exhibit rental booths. You get a completely seamless experience of participating in the trade show with due diligence paid to each of your requirements.

We allow you to walk through all stages of your trade show participation project with cruise control, courtesy of our dedicated project management capabilities, and process discipline. We put you on track for the completion of each stage of your trade show project with on-time execution of the design, build, and dismantling of your trade show displays in Los Angeles.

Frequently Asked Questions

That entirely depends on your booth. At the earliest, it takes about 8-12 weeks. However, with our strategic presence in California itself, we are known for our quick turnaround times.
We've got you covered with everything, from booth design and graphics printing or production to delivering and setting up your booth and even breaking it down and managing the show. Think of it as a one-stop shop for a stress-free trade show experience.
To guarantee top quality, we pre-build your booth at our factory with our 100% Pre-Build Promise. This means we assemble your booth well in advance, just as it will appear at the show, allowing us to perfect every detail.
Absolutely! As a trade show design company in Los Angeles, we have a diverse range of over 700 customizable trade show booth designs. And if you're looking for something unique, we're happy to create a custom booth design from scratch that perfectly aligns with your brand's identity.

Make exhibiting in Los Angeles easy with us.