5 Fundamentals of Great Booth Design


Gearing up for a big trade event means that you need to think far ahead of your competition and make yours the most attractive display there. This means looking through all of the options available to you when it comes to trade show booth selection. It also means keeping in mind five fundamentals of great booth design.

When it comes to trade events, you have just three to five seconds to make that first impression on the customer. That will influence their decision to pause at your display or to merely walk on. By using these fundamental elements, you can get that trade booth looking just right so that the right eyes fall on it.


1: Graphics

Being flamboyant is one thing, and being tastefully creative is quite another. Get the attention of your audience by investing in the right colours and design that will really make your booth come alive. Graphics associated with your booth should have visuals that are relevant to your brand. High resolution graphics will give your booth a smarter look. A good booth designer can help to come up with graphics that are ideal for your brand.


2: Branding

Your brand needs to be burnt into the memories of anyone who glances at your tradeshow booth. This can be done by using logos in the right places. Logos on the booth need to be strategically placed at all visible parts of the booth. It’s a good idea to place brand imagery at eye level so that anyone stopping by will notice it. A creative designer who is part of the trade show booth services company can help you to come up with a neat slogan that will encapsulate just what your brand is all about.


3: Lighting

Getting people in the right mood can be done by using the right kind of lighting for your tradeshow booth! Your tradeshow booth services provider can help you to select the appropriate mood lighting for your booth. Lighting also helps to make a small booth look considerably larger, or to highlight the main elements of a booth.


4: Interactivity

With all of the latest technology available within your reach, you want to be using it to make your booth as appealing to customers as possible. People love to interact with a booth, so using plenty of touchscreen facilities is a good idea. Since people love to share with their social networks, and take selfies, putting up a photo booth is also a good idea, as well as giving them a way to quickly share these images with hashtags that refer to your brand.


5: Promotional gear

Another thing everyone loves is freebies! Make your promotional gear as helpful as possible, while giving yourself a chance to showcase what you do to the world. One way to do this is by handing out fun badges that people can wear on their bag, or giving away laptop sleeves and other such materials that will definitely be noticed by people outside the show.