5 Trade Show Booth Accents That Will Make You Stand Out


Worried about blending into the crowd? Trade shows are all about standing out, whether from your top competitors or simply getting noticed amongst the sea of other exhibits, displays and product demonstrations on the exhibition floor.

As a trade show booth designers , the key to standing out is often the accents and accessories you add to your booth. From interactive kiosks to counters, literature racks and more, a variety of unique accents and accessories can separate your trade show booth from the others.

Below, we’ve shared five accents and accessories that you can use to differentiate your trade show exhibit from the competition, stand out from the crowd and attract extra attention at your next trade show, convention or industry event.


Interactive Kiosks

Have you considered adding a touchscreen kiosk to your trade show booth? Although kiosks are becoming more common at trade shows, they’re still unique enough to give your rental booth a visual edge over its competitors.

Interactive kiosks serve two purposes. First, they’re an interesting novelty for visitors, making them great for generating attention. Second, they can serve as excellent educational tools for your products and services, helping you warm up visitors before turning them into prospects.

When attendees aren’t interacting with your kiosks, they can also double as eye-catching foot traffic generating tools by displaying promotional videos of your products and services.


iPad and Tablet Displays

Can’t afford a customized kiosk? No problem. You can achieve 80% of the results at 20% (or less) of the cost by mounting an iPad or Android tablet on a stand, letting prospects learn more about your products and services without the full cost of an interactive kiosk.

iPad and tablet displays are great tools for generating interest from attendees that don’t feel comfortable interacting with your sales team. Using a tablet, attendees can browse and learn more about your products without ever feeling any sales-related pressure.

Add a familiar interface and simply usability into the mix and it’s no surprise why so many trade show exhibitors are adding iPad and Android tablets to their booths.


Custom Counters

Tired of using the same fold-out exhibit tables as everyone else? Adding a custom counter to your booth is a great way to expand your branding and attract more attention, all while creating a consistent style and identity.

As an exhibitor, there are a variety of eye-catching custom counters to choose from. If you use a larger exhibit, you can add a double reception counter to optimize your use of space and create a large surface area for reading brochures and chatting with customers.

In a smaller booth, a charging counter (which lets prospects charge their mobile devices) can be a powerful source of foot traffic, helping you bring in new prospects over the course of the event.


Accent Lighting

Although few exhibitors know it, lighting can make or break your trade show booth. When used effectively, accent lights (such as LED blast lights and accent flood lights) can draw attention to specific parts of your booth, encouraging attendees to drop in and take action.

By using lighting effectively, you can make certain parts of your exhibit feel warmer, cooler or more eye-catching. Placed at the right angle, lighting can make your products look larger and more impressive, or give an overly bulky item a more sleek, compact look.

To put it simply, lighting matters. Inexpensive and highly effective, smart use of lighting can give your trade show exhibits an extra edge that brings in prospects and generates extra foot traffic.

Custom Flooring

Finally, custom flooring can make all the difference when it comes to standing out and attracting attention at a trade show.

Compared to the bare concrete or carpeting used in most exhibition halls, a portable softwood floor can give your exhibit a premium look, as well as a welcoming feel that encourages visitors to step inside and look around.

Premium flooring can also project a feeling of comfort — something that’s often in short supply after spending hours walking around an exhibition. Pair the flooring with custom trade show displays, counters and refreshments, and your exhibit can stand out as an oasis of calm and comfort.