6 Main Points Of Interest For The City Of Atlanta

Atlanta doubles as a business and a city of commerce, as well as a center of attractions. It stands out for its mixture of visitor-friendly attractions that comprise of great historic landmarks, and a southern charm that you cannot resist. Here, you will not fall short of restaurants that plate cultural diversions or the Deep South fare.
Here is a quick overview of the 6 main points of interests for the city of Atlanta.
Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area
The Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area is the center of the country’s wilderness that stretches from Lake Lanier, 48 miles to Atlanta. This section offers a great trip, especially for kayakers and canoers. It is blissfully undeveloped, wide, and well-mapped with a couple of waterfalls. The recreation area is the perfect place for a family trip as it offers happiness for children and adult alike.
Ponce City Market
Ponce city market has a great history behind it that dates back in the 1920s. The area acted as the distribution warehouse for Sears, Roebuck & Co., in the 1920s. Over time, it has developed to create a highly diverse and delicious indoor food hall. You can share tapas plates full of charred Spanish Arancini balls and octopus at the Brezza Cucina, or get a feel of South African beef, or even shop for clothing, kitchenware, even pick up a couple of cocktail utensils here.
Piedmont Park
Humorously considered as the younger cousin of the Central Park of New York, Piedmont Park offers a grassy and peaceful environment for a family day out. The park, beyond the grassy environment, has diverse intersections and wetlands. Its features describe a great spot deserving the description of a true people’s park. It also hosts great history. For example, a section of the intersecting paths and the wetlands is the brainchild of Frederick Law Olmstead, the designer of the Central Park. It highlights the skyline of downtown Atlanta in a great way making its spectacular for a simple stroll, outdoor concerts, or even an evening picnic.
Georgia Aquarium
The Georgia Aquarium is a magnificent recreational spot that was opened in 2005. Though it might not rank as the biggest in the world but it is one of the most exciting aquariums around. It houses 60 diverse habitats that give you a feel of being in the ocean. Here, you can enjoy the spectacular views of whale sharks and sting rays swimming around you in the Ocean Voyager.
Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site
This historical site pays homage to Martin Luther King Jr. Including the house where Luther King grew up. This location has become one of the most significant historic sites in Atlanta. When you come here, you get the opportunity to visit the fully restored Ebenezer Baptist Church, as well as step inside the King Center that houses a Georgia-marble tomb serving as the place where Martin Luther King Jr and his wife finally rested. The site offers a wealth of history on the journey of Luther’s civil rights activism.
CNN Studio Tour
Get the chance of your lifetime to get behind-the-scenes during the CNN tour. CNN takes pride in being one of the first news networks in the world to offer 24-hour news. Every day, starting 9 o’clock to 5 o’clock, CNN offers a studio tour that lasts 50 minutes. You get the opportunity to learn a few things about news production and script writing.
While the 6 are not the only points of interest for the city of Atlanta, they are rank as the main ones. Besides a lot of outdoor activities offered here, you will find that Georgia’s capital has many more significant points of interests which are a must-visit.