6 Trade Show Booth Design Tips for Wowing your Attendees


Trade shows, or trade fairs, are the most effective platform that B2B and B2C companies can use to showcase their goods and services in a competitive market.

Slowly becoming a popular marketing tool, trade shows are interactive events that allow companies the opportunity to gain exposure to new markets, gather intelligence on their competition, meet other industry partners, and even analyze current and future trends.


The Importance of Trade Show Booth Design


At a crowded trade show, the one differentiating factor that could get attendees to visit your trade show booth over any other is your booth’s design.

If you’re hoping to create a truly standout trade show booth idea for your next trade show, you should definitely keep the following trade show booth design tips in mind:


Brand ConsistencyExpert Tips for Creating an Unforgettable Trade Show Display

If you want people to remember your brand’s name and what you stand for, it’s important that your booth reflects your brand values.

A good idea is to use only your brand’s colors through the trade show booth. Your logo should be easy to identify and clearly discernible above your booth, even in the crowd.

It’s these little elements added together that will help improve your brand recall after the show.


Clear Communication

Proven Strategies for Wow-Worthy Trade Show Booths

Depending on what you hope to achieve at the trade show, you may have decided to have a few interactive medias at various locations around your booth.

It’s important to remember that attendees may not be willing to simply walk up to an interactive media and start fidgeting with it to figure out what it’s for.

To invite customers to come in and experience your entire trade show display ideas, you need to provide visitors with clear instructions. This doesn’t mean that you should invest in hiring individuals to converse with everybody who enters your booth. Instead, you could use your graphics to write out easy-to-read instructions for the attendees.

For example, let’s say you want people to discover your brand’s history through the interactive media. You could have something along the lines of ‘See where we come from’ written just above each kiosk.


Find a Way to Stand Out6 Insider Tips for Designing Trade Show Booths That Leave a Lasting Impression

The easiest way to create a booth that stands out is by using bold colors like orange, pink, or even red. Sadly, if your brand colors fall on the other side of the spectrum (like a subdued blue), you may need to find another way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Interactive kiosks and live demos are some of the easiest ways in which you can get spectators to head over to your booth. Of course, having giveaways or regular, hourly competitions or raffles could also help draw in the crowd.


Understand Your Space

Depending on the size of your trade show booth design, you may want to think about what you can and cannot have in your booth.

If you’re hard-pressed for space, think about creating a single visual column with LED screens playing your presentation, and use your desk space to hold meetings or offer people a chance to test your products.

If you’ve got a bit more space, you can even create a fun lounge area where individuals can relax for a while, rest their tired feet, and engage with your products and services while also charging their smartphones.


Tips for Crafting a Jaw-Dropping Trade Show Booth

Do Something Unexpected

One of the most interesting ways to draw attention to your booth is by doing something completely unexpected. You can add an element to your trade show booth design that looks completely out of place – this will have people coming in to see what’s going on.

Let’s say you are a brand that deals with software or technology. However, in the past, you’ve used printed advertisements on buses, cars, and taxis to promote your products.

If you have the space, you could park a car in your booth with the advertisement printed across it. Of course, the car has nothing to do with your actual business, but it showcases your other marketing techniques, and this is something attendees will remember and possibly even look out for after the trade show.


 A Background SceneTrade Show Booth Design Tips to Amaze Your Attendees

At a trade show, space is almost always a concern. If you don’t have the kind of area required to add a quirky element to your booth, you could turn your entire exhibit into an appealing set.

If you are a brewery or dealing with hospitality, you could convert your booth into a western bar. If you’re in the aviation field, a space shuttle or cockpit may be more your speed.

Real estate and DIY companies can create a newly-completed home, while companies who deal with health care could create a free clinic of sorts in their booth. The opportunities are absolutely endless.


It Isn’t All About Trade Show Booth Design


While your booth’s display is important, it isn’t the only thing that matters. For a truly successful booth, your flawless trade show booth design needs to go hand-in-hand with great pre-show marketing and immaculate hospitality all through the show.

To ensure your trade show game in on point right from the word ‘go’, let’s see what else you can do to enhance your booth’s appeal:


Have a Hashtag

In today’s digital era, it’s important that you embrace the power of social media and use it to your advantage. By creating an Instagram photo booth or promoting a hashtag during the trade show, you could get more and more attendees to visit your booth.

You could also offer visitors a chance to win some exciting gifts and freebies when they use your hashtag.


Don’t Skimp on the Giveaways

No, we aren’t saying that you need to offer every individual a chance to walk away with the latest iPhone, but interesting giveaways like mousepads, backpacks, and tote bags or battery packs are all good options.

Just remember to have your logo placed on all your giveaways, so that people remember to thank you every time they use one of the products you’ve handed out.


Have a Special Guest

If you’ve got a big budget, or if you have some really good connections, you could even ask a local celebrity to come and help out at your booth for a while.

People will be running to your booth all day to interact with the celeb, and while they’re at your booth, you can spend a little time handing out fliers or telling them about your brand.


The Benefits of Trade Shows


Now that you’ve nailed your trade show exhibit design, let’s take a look at what you can achieve at a trade show:


Knowledge: Trade shows are the best way for you to learn about market trends, new products, and resources that you can use to enhance your business.


New Ideas: Generally, a trade fair is a breeding ground for innovative ideas. While attending a trade show, you may come up with an innovative idea of your own for your booth design.

Or, you could find a little inspiration about marketing from one of your competitors. Either way, it’s a great mode of adding a little value to your business.


Insight on Your Competition: When you attend a trade show, almost all your competitors will be there with you. A single walk through the fair will let you in on what your competition is doing, what’s working for them, and what you can do differently to gain an edge over everybody else.


Generate Leads: With a large section of your target audience attending the show, a trade fair is the easiest way for you to generate leads.

If you have the time, space, and expertise, you can also use a trade show to close lucrative deals and sign new contracts.


Why Rentals?

Despite the numerous benefits attached with participating in trade shows, the large investment amount required to purchase and customize a booth generally deters smaller companies from taking part.

Thankfully, exhibit rental are becoming the norm. A trade show rental exhibit requires far less investment than a purchased booth, and the money that is saved on the booth can then be poured into bettering your booth’s design, training your trade show employees, or making your marketing presentation more immersive and interesting.

In order to make the most of your exhibit rental, you could partner with a company like Exponents. We are industry-leaders in the trade show business and can help you unlock the full potential of your rented booth.


How We Can Help?

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