7 Growth Marketing Strategies for a Successful Event


It takes a holistic marketing strategy to make the most of your event. After all, each event is different and unique. There isn’t an exact way to know what kind of audience you’ll meet, when you’ll meet them and how they will perceive you. Despite having quality control for visitor entry.

This makes trade show events exciting and varied for everyone involved. So we show you seven growth marketing strategies you can set up to maximize your chances of a successful event.


1) Host a fun activity

At any event, people are drawn to the unique. This can be a trade show booth design, a speaker or an engaging activity.  Activities let adults play and provide them a brief respite from the daily tedium of responsibilities. They’re a memorable way to make an event last in the psyche of your visitors.


2) Promote star activities

Often brands can built popularity at trade shows for their activities. Redbull, Monster, Playstation, and Xbox are known to draw crowds at their booth, solely due to the quality of their engagement activities. You can do the same, you don’t need to wait and built a reputation either. Simply create an event page for your activity and promote it. Let interested parties register for confirmed participation or make promote your star activities through the use of hashtags.


3) Create an event website

An attractive website to promote your trade show booth provides a platform for interested parties to gather. Having a landing page that provides information about the event and your show appearance, is a great way into brand recognition. You can even go one step further and provide tips for travel and accommodation.  This will help visitors who plan to attend the event.  Don’t forget to add social media widgets to your landing page and make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.


4) Get some interesting speakers

Book speakers from your industry. These should be people you’ve heard and respect. Once you’ve found the right one. Promote him/her a lot. Popular speakers have a strong pull on visitors since even if your visitor is not interested in the topic, they will be curious to hear what a popular speaker has to say.


5) Get partners

For industry events, partnering with another company is a great way to pool resources. It’s even better if you and your business partner have complementary interests. The benefit of partnering up with one or more companies is that you get the benefit of diversifying your offerings and drawing a wider variety of visitors to your booth rental.


6) Have a content marketer on your team

After the location’s been decided and the tradeshow booth design finalized. It’s time to take to the high seas of the internet. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are multipliers for branding your event. A single content marketer can push content that lifts up your brand presence on news feeds and search engines.

There is one caveat to consider, you’ll need to start early. Your content marketer will need time to understand your company, the event and the market you are catering towards. They’ll be most effective when they get enough time to research,  plan strategies, and place metrics months in advance.


7) Cater to a niche interest

You don’t have to abandon your brand line up, just to appeal to a niche. Penetrating too much into a small niche is risky if it doesn’t pay off. So take the middle ground. Have a section of your trade show booth cater to a niche that you estimate has a decent audience. It would be even more profitable if the niche you pick has dependencies that lead prospects to consider your other products.