6 Ideas for Crafting the Perfect Trade Show Booth


Effectively setting up a trade show booth is crucial to your event success. But how do you do that? These are 6 indispensable tips to get the most out of your event booth rental.

With a targeted trade show booth and a motivated crew, every show participation is a success. This is just easier said than done. Because what requirements do an effective booth meet? And what should you pay attention to when choosing a booth design and setting up your next trade show booth rental?

Here are a few trade show booth ideas that can boost your event success:


1. Successful Booth Design Starts with Knowledge of the Trade Show

Exhibiting just like that is a waste of your time, money and energy. Do you want to participate successfully in a trade show? Then start by choosing the right show and visit it at least once before you opt for event booth rental.

For each trade show, you participate in, at least know who the visitors are, why they visit the show and what appeals to them. Preferably, while visiting the event, make as many notes as possible that you can refer to. You lose details quickly and a well-filled notebook is worth its weight in gold.


2. Set Smart Goals

You can select event booth rental by its appearance. That is not very sensible, because it says nothing about its effectiveness. Therefore, first set goals for your ideal trade show booth and participation before you look at the booth design.

Who do you want to reach at the show? What do you want to say to them? And in achieving which goals has your participation been successful? Think about these kinds of questions before buying or renting a trade show booth.

Preferably formulate your goals SMART. In other words: specific, measurable, achievable and realistic. The more concrete and measurable your goals are, the easier it is to provide insight into the achieved result. So invest time in this.


3. Good Booth Design Immediately Appeals to Desired Visitors

Trade show visitors are impatient and can choose from many booths for rent. Why would they visit your booth? Make sure that your booth design optimally matches your most important message and communicates it crystal clear. Less is more. Really focus on the people you want to reach and communicate what is most important to them.

With printed matter and slogans on a striking presentation wall, for example, you quickly attract attention. Choose bright colors, a short and powerful message and images that really resonate with your target audience.

Your first goal in setting up an event booth rental is to make visitors standstill. Make sure the first impression is overwhelming and that they can’t ignore you.


4. Choose a Clear Theme

Many exhibitors want to say too much at a trade show. You don’t have that time and you over-stimulate visitors. Therefore, choose simplicity and focus everything on a quick first contact. A clear theme helps with this.

A thematically structured trade show booth guarantees uniformity and tranquility. This is pleasant for visitors and prevents ambiguity. In terms of themes, you can connect to an ongoing campaign or the introduction of a new service. But also think of fixed colors or original activities. For example, Red Bull let participants take place in a racing simulator.


5. Good Booth Design Will Keep No One Waiting

At a trade show, you have to fight for the attention of visitors. For you 10 others, it’s that simple. Therefore, make sure that you are there for them and that you can address them directly. An effective booth design makes this easier. But also think of the digital presentation of products or services and the collection of leads.

With handy apps for phones and tablets, you can quickly provide interested visitors with additional information. There are also smart programs to register leads. You immediately save the data in your CRM.


6. Make Contacting as Easy as Possible

People usually need multiple contact moments before taking action. Keep this in mind when decorating your booth, and think of ways to keep in touch with people who aren’t ‘buying’ right away.

Always try to obtain contact information from leads and contact them as soon as possible after the show. In addition, place flyers and brochures at strategic places on your booth. This way you are also visible to people who are still orienting themselves.

Setting up a booth for rent is essential for success. The layout of your trade show booth is essential for future success. Therefore, invest ample time in learning about the show and its visitors. Set measurable goals. And optimally match your booth with your message. Then you get a booth that really works for you.