8 Things Your Trade Show Staffers Should Do to Get Your Booth Noticed


Having an exhibit at a trade show is a big investment, but it’s the performance of your staffers that will determine whether it’s a worthwhile investment or not. It won’t matter how attractive your display is or how life-changing your products are if the people manning the exhibit are unable to engage the target audience.

Here are 8 things your trade show staffers should do to make your booth a resounding success:


1. Look Professional


To create a favorable first impression on visitors, it is important for your staff to wear appropriate attire. Dress shirts and ironed pants outdo tracksuits and flip-flops when conducting serious business.

Wearing outfits that represent the brand’s colors is also an excellent strategy to gain attention and stand out from the crowd.


2. Understand the Job


The job of trade show staffers is to interact with people, understand their needs, and explain how your business can fulfill those needs.

They should know when to speak and when to stay silent. They should also know exactly what to say in different situations, such as visitors asking why they should use your product and not the competitor’s or complaining about the time your product malfunctioned.

Understanding what the job entails and preparing well in advance should be a priority for every booth staffer.


3. Focus on the Goal


You are participating in the trade show to achieve a predetermined goal. Whether it is to introduce a new product or gather new leads for an existing product, the people managing your booth should have a clear idea of what the goal is, and how to accomplish it.

They must not lose sight of their objective but keep it on the forefront during interactions with visitors.


4. Know the Product


Every question that an interested customer asks about your product is an opportunity to sell. The booth staff should be able to answer these questions without giving the customer too many opportunities to hear, “I don’t know”.

Having complete knowledge of the product will enable staffers to answer questions with confidence, which in turn, will generate more leads.


5. Ask the Right Questions


Answering queries are not the staff’s only task. To understand the needs of the customers, they should ask smart, open-ended questions that prompt customers to share their problems.

They can then respond by presenting your products as simple solutions. This makes the interaction more engaging and allows staffers to steer conversations in the right direction.


6. Keep the Booth Clean


No one likes to spend time in a cluttered area. Irrespective of whether the trade show booth is permanent or a rental booth, staffers should keep it clean throughout the day to attract more visitors.

This includes managing the wires to prevent customers from tripping on them.


7. Follow-up on Leads


To make the most of you, it is extremely important to get in touch with hard-earned contacts immediately after the show. By following up on leads in a systematic manner, staffers can ensure their efforts don’t go to waste, and your business receives the maximum ROI.


8. Know What Not to Do


Besides knowing what to do at a trade show, the staff should also know what not to do. Sometimes, this is more important because certain actions can cause permanent damage to your reputation.

Therefore, staffers should never do the following things:

  • Interrupt the customer
  • Ignore the attendees
  • Talk more than they listen
  • Bad-mouth other booths or staffers
  • Conduct personal business in the booth
  • Leave the show early

The performance of your staff can make or break your chances of achieving success and enhancing your brand’s reputation. Finding the best staff for your trade show booth can be quite a challenge, but the rewards are equally satisfying.

Therefore, choose people who are dedicated to giving your business the visibility it requires.