8 Trends That Will Take Trade Show Marketing by Storm in 2024


When the urge to display, discuss, and demonstrate your latest line of products and services gets too overwhelming, the best place to act on it is at a tradeshow. You can rendezvous with prospective clients, build brand loyalty, and catch up on the newest trends in the market to make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

While these have been some of the biggest selling propositions of trade shows since their inception, that doesn’t mean the industry itself hasn’t evolved in a million ways. If you compare the events held today with the ones carried out a few years ago, you will notice an undisputable difference.

And if you ask the experts, they’ll tell you that this is just the beginning and that the rate of this evolution is only going to intensify in the coming years.

To understand this further, we have come up with a list of the top eight trends that are all set to revolutionize trade show marketing in 2024.


Calculated Line of Attack

More players are entering the market with better ideas and approaches for the same services and products. This has started to shake things up for traditional service providers.

As a result, in the coming years, you will notice a large number of companies showing interest in learning all about brand positioning, marketing strategies, and more.

In 2024, trade shows will become more common among companies of all sizes. Every show will be considered not just another isolated event, but a part of the bigger picture that has the potential to make a huge impact on a brand’s overall growth.


Comfortable Environment

A trade show involves a lot of hard work. Right from selecting the correct booth size to picking up the right trade show display and more – planning an exhibit is no joke. In the end, this affects the performance of the brand to a great extent.

Many attendees show up late or appear exhausted on the final day, and this reflects clearly to attendees. To solve this problem, trade shows from here on out will aim to be more efficient and comfortable for both businesses and attendees.

Since trade shows involve a lot of work that continues over a period of time, you will soon be able to spot these exhibits gearing towards building spaces that give everyone a corner to rest, think, or change.

More and more people have recognized the need for a comfortable environment, and 2024 may just be the year where you will be introduced to elements that make these events fun and enjoyable rather than just serious and tense.


Customer-Oriented Booth Designs

Another trend that you will notice in 2024 is the exponential growth of creativity. You may have already observed that many brands have taken an affinity towards innovative and creative trade show displays.

This obviously gives them an upper hand in attracting more customers and showcasing their services in a unique, attention-grabbing manner.

However, the main reason behind this approach is so widely accepted is that it makes the human experience better. A lot of thought goes into creating every trade show display, and this is done not just to appeal to the masses, but also to connect with them emotionally.


Multi-Sensory Experience

At a trade show, companies put their best foot forward by creating designs and displays that work well for their brand. While it is important to engage customers with your trade show display, it is also equally important to tap on the rest of their senses besides sight and sound.

According to research, encouraging visitors to touch or experience something physically can prove to be highly beneficial in terms of their recall. And then there is the perception of taste and smell, too.

Integrating elements that help your audience form an emotional connection with your brand and products will have a positive impact on your trade show outcome and leave a lasting impression on potential customers. In the trade shows of the near future, be prepared to witness such factors being taken into account more severely.


Virtual Reality (VR)

Trade show marketing revolves around rejecting the cookie-cutter and experimenting with new and unique techniques to attract visitors.

This is why tradeshows almost always take advantage of the latest technology. However, with the way the tech world has advanced over the years, soon you may be able to experience a lot more than just lights and sound.

With the help of VR, your audience will be able to engage in a multi-sensory experience that will allow them to understand your brand and its services on a whole new level.

Besides, VR gives you a chance to save money instead of spending it on a large space or booth. So, if you choose VR, you don’t just get unlimited floor space, but you also get the opportunity to be as creative as you want. Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?


Use of Light

Lights form the basis for the mood and ambiance of any place. The same logic applies to trade shows as well. Visual stimulation is the key component here and if used in the right manner, can prove to be very effective.

With the help of technology, lights can be used in many new and creative ways to not just attract your potential clients, but also to direct their focus on important and specific information.

Even if you are a small enterprise, make sure to keep a decent budget for your trade show display and install lights along with it to give your booth a sophisticated look. 2024 will see some brilliant use of lights and visual elements that will take trade show marketing to the next level.


Storytelling Videos

Videos will never go out of trend. In fact, they’re expected to account for 80% of internet traffic in 2018. From huge brands to bloggers, everyone seems to agree with the fact that videos are the real game-changers.

So, if you are planning to create a strong ROI, you should invest in curating videos that are unique and appealing to your target audience.

Here’s a simple example for you: this year, Instagram introduced IGTV, which promotes vertical-format video playback and allows users to upload longer videos and share them with their followers. This new introduction has created waves in the industry and changed the traditional ways of marketing.

Today, this social media platform has become more popular than it ever was, compelling even many YouTubers to make the switch.

Therefore, in 2024, you will notice more and more brands opting to create great video content to share the story of their brand, its values, and services.


Voice and Visual Search Assistants

Alexa and Siri are the newest assistants on the block. You will notice that by 2020, more than half the searches conducted will be voice-based. This will give trade shows a very dynamic outlook and make them super convenient for everyone.

On the visual search section, technology will be able to allow smartphone users to snap a picture of anything and retrieve data about the subject online.



Over the past few years, the speed of technological advancement has been lightning-fast, making most innovations almost seem like a blur. This has revolutionized many things, including our personal and professional lives as well as the very structure of society.

Beyond that, it has also given us enough scope to do great things and bring them to the world’s notice. However, it’s not what we do but how we do it that matters. With trade shows, businesses are given a chance to prove themselves irrespective of their size, but you must find a way to differentiate yourself from competitors.

Now, with access to such technology, even a small enterprise has the potential to earn a high ROI if they believe in their products and services and are willing to spend enough time to understand their TG.

Before stepping into the new year, make sure to catch up on your savvy competitors, review your products and the latest trends, and collaborate with other artists, if required. All of this will only add to your success and give you and your company enough reasons to reach greater heights.

2024 is definitely going to see an evolution in the trade show business and marketing, so fasten your seat belts. It’s going to use modern inventions to deliver extraordinary experiences and give the world something it has never seen before. So, before it’s too late, get on top of everything exciting and give your brand a chance to climb the ladder of success.